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North Africa became a battleground of World War 2. This is because the Germans wanted to protect their oil fields in Romania.

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Why was North Africa a battleground of world war 2?

It was a start up to the war for the United States, really. The Allies wanted to make sure that the U.S. was ready for war, and used North Africa to "warm up" the United States soliders. Hitler invaded N. Africa because he was going for World Domination. Even before the US entered WWII, North Africa was a battle ground. Hitler did not have designs on North Africa. Mussolini's botched attempt to capture the Suez Canal forced Hitler to bail Italy out by committing German troops to support and then supersede his partner. Hitler would have preferred using the troops in Russia.

What did General Patton do in World War 2?

he fought in north Africa he fought in north Africa

Is North Africa and South Africa part of Africa?

Africa is Africa North South East West all parts are part of the Continent Africa The second largest in the world.

Where were Australian troops first sent to fight in World War 2?

North Africa North Africa

What is the name of the largest desert in the world and north Africa?

The largest desert in the world is the Antarctic Desert. The largest desert in north Africa is the Sahara.

Is Africa in the north of the world?

When looking at a map, the majority of Africa will be in the southern hemisphere.

Where in the world is Egypt?

Egypt is in north east Africa

The war in North africa?

World War 2

Where in this entire world is Ethiopia?

North-East in Africa.

Were in the world is Sudan?

Sudan is in Africa. It is the largest country in Africa, and is bordered by Egypt to the North.

What is the present-day name for the vast desert region covering Northern Africa?

The Sahara, the largest hot desert in the world, covers most of North Africa.The Sahara, the largest hot desert in the world, covers most of North Africa.

Is Africa the same as the New World?

No. North And South America are the New World.

Which route connected west Africa to the Islamic world?

The TRANS-SAHARA TRADE ROUTES connect North Africa, which is part of the Islamic World, to West Africa.

Lovat scouts in North Africa World War 11?

Yes, My father was a Lovat Scout and served in the mountains of Italy and in North Africa

Where was the Ruweisat Ridge in World War 2?

North Africa

What is the shortest intercontinental flight in the world?

Spain to north Africa

Arabs are in what region of the world?

Middle East and North Africa.

How many Muslims in north Africa?

About 20% of the total Muslim population of the world is distributed between the Middle East and North Africa. Estimates for total Muslim population in North Africa exceed 300 million people.

Where did world war happen?

The World Wars happened in Europe and parts of North Africa.

Which north African country has the highest living standard?

Libya has the highest standard of living in North Africa and Africa as a whole with the 55th highest in the world.

How does the Sahara desert relate to Africa?

The Sahara Desert, the largest in the world, is in Africa, taking up a considerable part of the north of Africa.

What role did Italy play in the World War 2?

At first, they were allied with the Axis. They were, however incompetent and always required help from Germany (Rommel was sent to North Africa after a much larger Italian force failed). Later on Italy was divided in two. The North was ruled by Fascists and the South by Democratic people. Italy became a battleground between the Germans and americans.

Is Australia Africa Asia or North America part of the New World?

Australia and North America can both be considered New World.

What is the biggest event that happend in Europe and North Africa during World War 2?

The largest event in Europe was the Russian Front; the largest event in North Africa were the Mediterranean Sea naval battles supporting North Africa.

Where do 15 degrees north and 30 degrees east intersect on a world map?

15 degrees north and 30 degrees east intersect in Libya, in North Africa.

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