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to become rich and popular and have lots and lots of babies

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Q: Why did Norwegians come to America?
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Why did Norwegians come north America?

Because they wanted to.

How did the Norwegians get to Wisconsin?

Some Norwegians immigrated to America by boat.

How did the Norwegians get to America?

They swam

What did Norwegians bring to America?

they flew

What country does Old Norse come from?

Norse refers to Norwegians, especially ancient Norwegians

Where did the norwegians come from?

Norwegian people come from Norway

When did Norwegians come to America?

Norwegian Vikings settled in Greenland about A.D.1000,explored the coast of North America and also established a settlement in Newfoundland,Canada.

What country do Norwegians come from?


Why did norwegians come to Texas?

They wanted our cheeseburgers

What continent does Nowegian come from?

Norwegians come from Norway, that will make them Europeans

Did Norwegians immigrate?

Sure, a lot of Norwegians immigrated to England in the viking ages and too America also. There is a lot of Norwegian decendens in Minnesota just to name one.

Are norwegians from norwegia?

no norwegians are from Norway

Where did hi come from?

The word 'Hi' came from originally the word, "Hai" from the Norwegians.

Did norwegians fight with the vikings?

The Norwegians were Vikings...

How do norwegians commuincate with each other?

Norwegians speak Norwegian.

Where do norwegians live?

norwegians live in Norway

What is the country of Norwegians?

The country of Norwegians is Norway.

Are Norwegians Anglo Saxons?

Norwegians are not Anglo-Saxons, they are Scandinavians.

Were the Vikings Norwegians?

Vikings were Scandinavians (Norwegians, Swedes and Danes).

Who built the first American factory?

Russians, then the Chinese, then the Norwegians. America is yet to build its own American factory

Did Norwegians colonize America?

It is now accepted that they did, sometime in the 11th or 12th Century, but they were unable to make it a permanent colonization.

Why did norwegians migrate to america?

There wasn't a lot of land to live on in Norway a millenia ago. They went to Iceland and Greenland for land. America was obvious next place to go.

When did most of norwegians come over?

They come over the road almost every day. Are you talking about another location -perhaps in some other country?

What did Norwegians do with paper clips?

The Norwegians used the paper clips as a symbol during the Holocaust.

Why did the Norwegians immigrate to America?

My mom's parents are from Norway, and they both came for completely different reasons. On the higher note of the two, my grandmother came to see what America was like, for she had some family in Washington (4th biggest location for Norwegian-Americans). But my father had had a very rough child hood, for his father had be killed during the war and left him very poor. His education wasn't good, but he came on a ship here. So, some Norwegians could come because they want to see America, or for the better life that they could have. Currently my grandfather is much happier.