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He wanted the whole world to see what him and his family and other jewish people had to go through during the war and how they was treated

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When and where was Anne Frank27s diary first published?

Anne Franks diary was published by her dad, Otto Frank after the war. Otto Frank was the only frank member to survive the war.

What did Miep do with Anne Franks diary?

published it Edit: Mr. Frank lived unlike the others, and he published it.

What happened to Mr.Frank after he got arrested by the nazi police in the diary of Anne Frank?

he didn't die, but he published Anne Franks diary.

How did Anne Franks diary get publised?

On theThirtieth of April The Anne Frank diary was publishedAnd the whole world knew about a poor girls suffering's

Who has Anne Franks diary now?

I think it is in the museum im not sure but late after Anne Frank died they published her diary and you can buy it or get it out from the library

How do you know about what happened to Anne Franks and why is she famous?

Anne Frank died of Thymus. She is famous for her diary, that her father published.

What is the title of Anne Franks Diary?

The diary of a young girl, but better known title is Anne Frank diary.

What is Mrs Franks first name in The diary of Anne Frank?

Her name was Edith in the diary of anne frank.

Who gave Anne Frank her diary?

anne franks father, otto frank

What was Anne Franks book called?

The Diary of Anne Frank

Who wrote the diary of Anne Frank?

Anne Frank wrote The Diary of Anne Frank.

Who published the Diary of Anne Frank?

Her father did.Her father, Otto Frank was the one to get Anne Frank's diary published.

What was The setting of ane franks diary?

Anne Frank wanted to be a writer and so she wrote in her dairy and wanted it to be published...

Who were the Franks in general from the Diary of Anne Frank?

Her Family

How many languages was Anne Franks diary published in?

It was published in 54 languages

Did Anne Franks mom survive the war?

No, unfortunatly not but Anne franks dad, Otto, did he published annes diary.

When where and how was Anne Frank's diary found?

Anne Franks diary was published by her father who survived after the war. The book was written during World War 2 by Anne Frank when her family was hiding in a closet in their house

What was some of Anne Franks dreams?

That question cannot really be answered. You would have to ask Anne Frank what her dreams were. Or, she may have written them in her published diary. I have bought the diary, and it's probably in there.

How were the Franks caught in the Diary of Anne Frank?

by a light in the window.

How did Anne Franks diary get to her father?

How Anne Franks father got to her Dairy is she died in concentration camp of Typhus her father took the diary and published it in America.

How did anne franks diary get published?

A family friend of the franks found it and then her dad published it to show people how Jews were cheated.

What did Anne Frank write when she was hiding?

Her diary. It was later published by her father under the title "The Diary of Anne Frank"

How did the world around Anne Frank influence her?

Anne franks world influenced her to write her diary which is now a diary.

Where was Anne Franks hiding spot at?

To find that out you have to read her autobiography Diary Of Anne Frank.

What is the name of Anne Franks dairy in English?

Anne Frank: The Diary Of A Young Girl

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