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Why did Puck handcuff himself to Sabrina?

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He did it ( supposedly) so that he can prtect Sabrina at all times. He says it's because if he let anything happen to her, the Old Lady would never let him hear the end of it, I think it's because he loves her . . alot

Not to mention the fact that he knew it would annoy Sabrina to NO end.

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Does puck hand cuff himself to Sabrina?


What happens with puck and Sabrina in book 6 of the sisters Grimm?

Puck handcuffs himself to Sabrina after she sneaks to get the horn of the north wind.Then he tells that she doesn't need makeup.

Does sbarina like puck?

A. Her name is Sabrina B. YES Sabrina and Puck like each other. Puck is growing older to live with Sabrina.

Does Puck kiss Sabrina again?

Yes. Sabrina kisses Puck at the end when Puck accidentally eats a poisoned apple so Sabrina has to wake him up.

What book was Sabrina and Puck in?

Sabrina and Puck are characters from 'The Sisters Grimm' book series.

Will puck and Sabrina date in the books?

They WILL date. I'm just not sure if it will be in the book. In book 5 they went to the future (Sabrina and Daphne only)and got married, Puck made himself older.

Does Sabrina have feelings for puck?

Yes Sabrina has feelings for Puck because in one of the books Sabrina finds out that the two get married.

Which book does puck kiss Sabrina?

Puck kisses Sabrina in book 3 and nearly in book 7 and Sabrina kisses Puck in book 8. Puck eats a poison apple and Sabrina kisses him to wake him up. OMG! They make such a good couple!

Does puck and Sabrina end up together?

Probably! in the whole series so far its been hinting that Puck likes Sabrina, and in the eighth book Sabrina admits she likes Puck.

Why does puck chain himself to Sabrina in the sisters grimm series?

cuz she didn't want his bodyguards watching her so he handcuffed himself to her to protect her...its so cute I love Puck! He is so awesome. He chains himself to Sabrina because he wants to protect her and she isn't listening to the whole 'bodyguard' thing.

Will Sabrina and Puck like each other in future sisters Grimm books?

Yes. In book 3 or 4, Sabrina and Puck kiss. Sabrina, Mayor Charming, and Daphne went into the future. Sabrina was married to Puck after the Everafter War.

Will Sabrina kiss puck in book 8?

Yes. Puck bites into a poisen apple, and Sabrina awakes him with a kiss!

Who does Sabrina marry in the council of mirrors?

Sabrina marries Puck.

Is Sabrina alcala gay?

No! It says several times in the series that Sabrina feels a special feeling around puck! Sabrina even had a dream that her and puck were married!

What happens in Sisters Grimm book 5 to Sabrina and Puck?

Sabrina and Daphne go into the future, and Sabrina finds out that she and Puck will be married in the future. Puck doesn't find that out until the 7th book, and he gets mad about it.

Do Sabrina and Puck go out in one of the books?

No, but in the 3rd book, Puck kisses Sabrina, in the 5th book, they find out that they will be married, and in the 8th book, Sabrina gives Puck true loves kiss to wake him up.

Will Sabrina and puck fall in love?

Oh, yeah! In book three, when Puck kisses Sabrina, you can tell he enjoyed it, and Sabrina did, too. And when they find out that in the future they get married, they act angry, surprised, and humiliated, but I think they're kind of happy. Puck + Sabrina 4ever!

Do puck and Sabrina kiss in book 8?

yes they do when Puck eats a poison apple Sabrina kisses him to wake him up!

Does Sabrina GRIMM have a baby?

No. In the books, Puck marries her, but Sabrina does not have a baby.

Is Sabrina maried?

No, but she will be in the futer; to Puck!

Does daphne think puck likes Sabrina?

Think? She knows! The whole family knows, except, apparently, for Puck and Sabrina themselves!

When does Sabrina and Puck kiss?

Sabrina and Puck are from what book, movie, TV series? it would be a lot easier to answer the question if it was explained better!

Why does Puck like Sabrina?

Obvious Much?Now if you've only read the first book you wouldn't find it obvious since there is no proof. But if you read the second book I would hope you see it better. I hope you aren't as blind as my friend(Stand up Amy B.)If you still don't get it by the end of the third book, well...., Get you head examined. You are obviously very slow on the up take. I mean come on what could be more obvious?SPOILER ALERT!!! DO NOT READ IF YOU WANT SABRINA AND PUCK'S ROMANCE TO BE A SUPRISE!!!!Book 1 CluesThe fact that he looks eleven and is even there is a clueThe way they act towards each other is a clue.Everyone knows that when you like someone you petend to hate them.Book 2 CluesHe always plays pranks on SabrinaWhen Puck cleaned up Sabrina stared and stared and when she looked at him she wanted to cry. She had to keep telling herself she couldn't like him.Puck was showing off for Sabrina. When she told him he wasn't a good villain he got angry and tried to prove he was.When Puck fell in the water Sabrina tried to give mouth to mouht resuscitation. But I don't think she forgot he was basically immortal. He though she was kissing himMr. Canis said love would be the downfall of Puck. Puck blushed and Mr. Canis glanced at Sabrina.Book Three CluesI'll get the obvious out of the way first. PUCK KISSED SABRINA!!!When he rescued her he wrapped his wings around her. But when his pixies came he was embarrassed and unwrapped them.He created a fire ball to keep Sabrina warm.When the Pixies left he wrapped his wings around her again.Sabrina fell asleep in his wings. That is completely romantic cause she just leaned against him and fell asleep in his wings.Puck liked the fact that Sabrina cared about him so he kissed her.During the kiss Sabrina though of all the pranks he had pulled but she also kept thinking how nice the kiss was.When she heard that Puck would have been the perfect guy to break the spell by kissing her she blushed remembering he had already kissed her. Too bad he was to ill to do anything.Puck stopped being a villain for Sabrina. He says it is because the Grimms always needed saving but it was more likely because he wanted to save Sabrina. Now he is a hero.When Puck got sick Sabrina tended to him and stayed by his side.While Sabrina tended to him she kept thinking about how much she DID care about him and how bad she felt.She thought her rejection of him was too hard and resented rejecting him.She worked her butt off so she could save Puck.When she had the power to do anything saving Puck jumped to her mind.BOOK Four CluesSabrina is worried sick about Puck.She gets annoyed when she finds out Moth is Puck fianceWhen Puck is in his cocoon he chooses Sabrina to be the person to look after him. (The person who is picked is the one person the fairy trusts most in the world. Says a lot about Puck likeing her)Moth tries to kill Sabrina so Puck can't love herPuck holds Sabrina in his armsPuck saves Sabrina from dieingWhen Puck is saying good-bye to Oberon at the funeral Sabrina walks over and holds his hand.Puck clings to Sabrina so he and she wont get hurtPuck saves Sabrina from falling/dyingBook Five CluesSabrina and Daphne go to the future and find out that Sabrina married PuckOlder Puck kisses Older Sabrina and wrapped his arm around her waistSabrina sees how much the older her and Puck like each other.When they get back from the future, Sabrina blushes whenever she sees Puck.Puck reached out for her handSabrian tries to save PuckOlder Puck tells younger Puck to be nicer to SabrinaBook Six CluesPuck handcuffs himself to SabrinaWhen they are handcuffed he says something that implies that he thinks she's pretty. She and Puck both get a little emabarrassed after that.Puck gets a little mad at Sabrina for lying to her sister. (He tells her that he might not be a good person but she is)Book Seven CluesWhen they are in the car and getting cramped together Puck tries to kiss Sabrina, and gets truly offended when she refuses.Puck is surprised (sounding slightly upset by this) when Sabrina tells him that she doesn't plan on staying in Ferryport Landing once everything goes back to normal.Sabrina accidentally tells Puck that she and him were married in the future.When the Scarlet Hand is attacking Sabrina and Puck fight about him getting older.Puck tells Sabrina that he is sorry that he almost got her killed.Sabrina blushes when Puck tells her that he has to do a lot to keep her safe. (He even gives her a quick smile!)Book SevenAll through the book, Puck calls Sabrina names like "hunny bunny" and plans their wedding.When Puck takes a bite of the Snow White apple, Sabrina wakes him up--by kissing him! Which shows that she DOES love him.inside infoI have inside information. Puck is going to be Sabrina's first boyfriend. How do i know this you ask? Michael Buckley himself told me. Go to the welcome page on this website for more info!TheSistersGrimm

Does puck find out about his future with Sabrina in the sisters grimm 7?

Yes he does find out about Puck and Sabrina's relationship. Puck seems happy about finding out he and Sabrina are marries but is NOT happy about growing up and he blame Sabrina for giving him the puberty decease -Lizzie

What stops puck from kissing Sabrina?

Henry Grimm barges in on them and then Puck leaves.

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