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well Robert Hooke was viewing cork whick are made of bark. Bark is dead empty plant cells s

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Q: Why did Robert hooke's cork cells appear to be empty?
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Do cells appear filled or empty?


What was Robert hooke's observation on cork cells?

they were empty

What did Robert hooke do that is related to cells?

He discover and describe the cell as empty chambers....

Who discovered that cork is made of little empty boxes called cells?

Robert Hooke

What did Robert Hooke use to view cells?

Robert Hooke first viewed cells with a microscope. He began calling them cells because they resembled the cells in which monks lived and worked.

What causes the center of most plant cells to appear empty?

that is the vacuole, it contains the sugary substances and other things such as water

In what material did Robert Hooke see cells'?

Yes. Robert Hooke saw cells in cork when he observed it under the microscope. What he actually observed was the cell walls of dead cork cells. He called them cells because they reminded him of the rooms (cells) of monks in a monastery.

Are cork cells empty or filled?

they are empty

Can empty cells be included in an excel formula?

Yes. Many formulas will include cells that are empty.

What cell was hooke observing when he looked at cork underneath his microscope?

When Robert Hooke examined a thin cutting of a cork he saw empty spaces enclosed by walls. He called these empty spaces cells.

What famous scientist contributed to the abundant discoveries through using a simple microscope?

Robert Hooke was the first man to look at cells through his very simple microscope. He observed dead cork cells and described them as cells in a monastary. He called the tiny empty chambers in the cork, cells.

Are blood and onion cells filled with living material or are they empty?

They are both filled with living material.