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Q: Why did Samuel hesitate to find a new king?
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Whom does God send to find Israel's new king?


Where did Samuel go to search for a new king?

The prophet Samuel was told to go to the village of the man called Jesse and to anoint his son as the next king after king Saul, as God was not pleased with him. But Samuel thought it would be Jesse's eldest son. But it was David the youngest who was chosen as king.

Where in the Bible do you find the phrase for she was a virgin?

Exact translation in the New King James version, 'for she was a virgin.' can be found in 2 Samuel 13:2.

Why did Samuel tell the Israelites they needed to find a new King?

The unfaithfulness of Samuel's sons, coupled with the threat of warfare with the Ammonites, prompted the older men of Israel to request that Samuel appoint a king over them. (1Samuel 8:4, 5; 12:12)

When did Samuel De Champlain get his nickname King of New France?

some where

Why was the reason for Samuel de Champlain to immagrate to new France what contact did Samuel de Champlain make with the natives what was Samuel de Champlain's job description?

samuel de champlain reason for immagrating to new france was because he was sent by the king and he wanted to discover new areas

How many times are king david in the Bible?

In the King James version, there are 53 New Testament verses that refer to David or the House of David by name.

Where did god send Samuel to anoint a new king from among the sons of a man named Jesse?

Bethlehem of Judah (1 Samuel 16:1-13)

Why did the king of France send Samuel de Champlain to explore?

The King of France sent Samuel de Champlain to explore in order to establish French colonies, expand trade, and find a passage to Asia. Champlain's exploration helped France establish a presence in North America and compete with other European powers in the New World.

Who is the first king of israel?

Saul was the first king of Israel. He was chosen by the judges of Israel. They needed to drive out the Philistines so they need one king even though they thought a person with so much power could be dangerous.

What is Samuel de Champlain's nickname?

Samuel de Champlain is often referred to as "The Father of New France" for his role in founding Quebec City and exploring and mapping the St. Lawrence River and the Great Lakes region.

Where did Samuel de Champlain want to go?

Samuel De Champlain wanted to help gain wealth for France since it was a poor country and had no way of gaining wealth. King Henry IV wanted people to find new land so Samuel De Champlain didn't really actually care where he wanted to go. He just wanted to find wealth for France. No, he did not want to go to Asia! Christopher Columbus did and Henry Hudson but not Samuel De Champlain. I never get why people get so confused with these facts.