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he discovered new places, helped France, and maid a big fur traiding company

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Q: Why was Samuel de champlian's exploration important?
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What was Samuel de champlian looking for?

On Samuel de Champlians mission he was looking for a Northwest Passage.

Who paid for Samuel de champlians voyages?

King Henry IV

What are some important events of exploration in Maine's history?

The 1604 attempt at settlement by Samuel de Champlain.

What are the dates of exploration of Samuel de Champlain?

Samuel de Champlain sailed for France from 1603-1619

What was Samuel De Champlain's perspective on exploration?


What did Samuel de Champlain find on his exploration?

He wrote a book about it

Did Samuel de Champlain have a life after exploration?

he did not have a life he died at sea

What are Physical features that affect Samuel de Champlain exploration?


How long was Samuel De Champlain's Exploration?

1 and a half year

What were some of the motivations for exploration of Samuel de Champlain?

riches and compition

What were Samuel De Champlain's main events of exploration?

well he sailed the end

What country paid Samuel de Champlain exploration?

Samuel de Champlain was sponsored by the French government to explore and establish settlements in North America. He played a significant role in the early exploration and colonization of what is now Canada.