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Southern farmers opposed the Agricultural Adjustment Act because it reduced crop surplus so it could effectively raise the value of crops, because of that, a portion of their fields were left uncultivated. The money for these subsidies was made through an exclusive tax on companies which processed farm products.

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The AAA paid farmers to plant fewer crops

the aaa gave cash benefits to farmers to help them get out of debt. hope that helps

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Certain programs such as the TVA, WPA, CCC, AAA and NLRB discriminated against farmers, women, African Americans, and Native Americans by not hiring or helping them. Also Mexican Americans were discriminated.

AAA controlled the supply of seven "basic crops" by offering payments to farmers in return for taking some of their land out of farming, not planting crops.

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AAA isthe Agricultural Adjustment Act.. CCC is another one of the programs FDR passed to help the public in his New Deal.

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the new deal was a program to help the U.S. to get out of the great depression some of the programs are IRA, SSA, FDIC, AAA.

(AAA) Agricultural Adjustment Act sought to end overproduction & raise crop prices. To accomplish these goals; AAA provided financial aid, paying farmers subsidies not to plant part of their land and to kill off excess live- stock.

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Do you mean the ccc's? Which stands for the Civilian Conservation Corp. The AAA stands for the Agricultural Adjustment Act.. CCC is another one of the programs FDR passed to help the public in his New Deal.

The Agricultural Adjustment Act which was helpful to farmers because the government gave them money for NOT farming crops.

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Its purpose was help farmers by reducing production of staple crops, thus raising farm prices and encouraging more diversified farming.

You need to answer this question. Your teacher is looking for your critical thinking and not ours.

The Agricultural Adjustment Act was created to protect farmers crop prices. The reason the prices for farmed goods were so low is because there was too much goods being produced. The AAA payed farmers to not grow certain crops or raise certain livestock. Total farm income raised over 50 percent because of this action.

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The thing you're talking about are two different things;for farmers, the AAA or Agriculture Adjustment Act helped them and the reactivating a hydroelectric power was the TVA or the Tennessee Valley Authority.

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