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he said that he would bring gold and spices from the new world. King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella (espically the queen) wanted to spread Christianity. Before Christopher Columbus's first expedition to the New World, the Islamic people had just been completely driven out. The queen wanted millions of other people to be saved and accept Christianity and Jesus Christ.

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How many years after columbuss 1492 voyage did the English send their first explorer on a voyage of discovery across the Atlantic ocean?

5 years

Why did Spain's gueen and king decide to support Columbus's first voyage?

Because they wanted the jewels and spices and they wanted to see if christopher Columbus would keep his promise

What caused the queen to support the voyage of Columbus?

Columbus promised a substantial amount of exotic spices, and other goods in exchange for support in his voyage.

What did Isabella promise to Columbus?

money to support his voyage

Why did Columbus decide to keep the snakeskin?

why did columbus keep the snakes skin at the american voyage

Why did Magellan decide to take his voyage?

Ferdinand Magellan wanted to find away to the east for the purpose of trading.

Christopher Columbus got support for his westward voyage to Asia from queen Isabella of?


What do you think the voyage was like for the colonists?

I think it was crowded and difficult to support but they had the supplies necessary

Why did the Spanish support Columbus?

They saw that his voyage of discovery may lead to financial benefits for Spain.

Why did Spain and Portugal refuse to support John Cabots proposed voyage?

his voyage was trying to find a more northern route to asia you ding dongs that need help with this sh**.

The romanitic journey can be considered a voyage of what?

In the story of Maritime they leave a lot open for interpretation. The romantic journey can be considered a voyage, is one of those that is left open for the reader to reflect on and decide what they feel the story told them.

What country financed Columbuss first voyage across the Atlantic in 1492?

Spain. Columbus had first asked Portugal, but their geographers were better than Columbus and they had quickly calculated that Columbus estimated the circumference of the Earth at 1/3rd of its real size and that he never would find India and China where he thought it was.

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What events led to the discovery of the New World?

Christopher Columbus had to gain financial support for his three ship voyage.

Who was Christopher Columbus he is?

Voyage to the Americas would not have been possible without the support of Queen Isabella of Spain, also he was a sailer

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What year did Jacques Cartier set out on his voyage?

First Voyage: 1534 Second Voyage: 1535-1536 Third Voyage: 1541-1542

Which two Spanish monarchs did Columbus approach to gain support for his voyage?

The request by Columbust was rejected by King John II of Portugal. Columbus asked for support from Spanish King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, who approved of his idea.

Who paid money to support Christopher Columbus's voyage to the New World?

The Spanish crown paid for him. He promised them that he would bring back gold and riches.

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