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The USSR was a poor, backward country that Stalin wanted to transform into a modern, powerful, industrial nation.

There were three main reasons for developing industry quickly...

1. To provide machinery - tractors etc. so that farming was more efficient and more food was produced.

2. To catch up to the Western World and make Russia less dependant on the West for industrial goods.

3. To have a strong industry capable of producing armaments so that Russia could defend itself from attack.

The Five-Year Plans set production targets which industries had to reach.

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What was the Great Purge and why did Stalin initiate it?

To eliminate anyone who might pose a threat to him.

Who launched the Five Year Plans?


What did stalin do industrialize the soviet union?

Stalin industrialized the Soviet Union by creating five year economic plans

How did Stalin disguise his plans to spread comunism?

through texting

Who was the Russian leader who started the five year plans?

Joseph Stalin started the Five Year Plans.

What kind of plan did Stalin use to modernize the USSR?

Stalin's plans were called the Five Year Plans.

Who reversed Lenin's New Economic Policy and started Five-Year Plans?

Joseph Stalin reversed Lenin's New Economic Policy and instituted the Five Year Plans.Joseph Stalin began the Five-Year Plans.

Did Stalin continue Lenin's New Economic Policy?

No, Stalin ended the NEP in favor of what he called the Five Year Plans.

Which economic program was implemented by Joseph Stalin?

5 year plans

Roosevelt Stalin and churchill met in to disscuss plans to end the war?


Rusian leader who started the five year plans?

They were started by Josef Stalin.

Did The Five Year Plans bring glory to Stalin and misery to his people'?

both :D

Did Joseph Stalin use an economic policy called 5 year plans?


What were the economic policies under Lenin and Stalin?

Lenin instituted the first "war communism" then the 'New Economic Policy.' Stalin instituted the 'Five Year Plans.'

Who was the Russian leader who implemented 5 year plans?

Joseph Stalin introduced the series of Five-Year Plans to build up the Soviet industry.

How many Jews did Joseph Stalin kill?

Joseph Stalin did not intentionally target Jews, but he did amass quite a large amount of killings. Stalin killed over 20 million people in his purges and five-year plans.

Was Joseph Stalin part of World War 2?

Stalin was the leader of Russia during the war and that means he was the one to finalize any Russian Front battle plans.

How did Stalin disguise his plans to spread communism?

he used anti Hitler slogans to promote alliances

Did the 5 year plans bring glory to Stalin and misery to his people?

no they did not. they were used to improve the lifestyle of russia.

Which action is associated with Joseph Stalin?

He is famous for establishing five-year plans for the economy of the Soviet Union.

What were some goals that Josef Stalin had?

Joseph Stalin wanted to make the Soviet Union a modern industrial state by introducing, "5 Year Plans." These plans would focus completely on industry and were to boost the Soviet economy. He also wanted to expand his western land into Poland and Finland.

What economic changes did Joseph Stalin make to the Soviet Union Be specific?

The greatest changes that Stalin made to Leninism were in the collectivisation of agriculture, the Five Year Plans and in changing in foreign policy doctrine

Roosevelt Stalin and Churchill met in to discuss plans to end World War 2?

yalta by: Rost CV!!

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What was the purpose of the soviet states Five Year Plans?

During the Czarist Rule, Russia was behind the rest of Europe so stalin came up with the five year plans to change that.

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