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Why did The religious revolution of Akhenaton fail?

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Prior to his reign the many priesthoods were very powerful, and slowly over long periods of Egyptian history they whittled away at Pharoah's power. Trying to consolidate power and centralize it in the person of Pharoah wasn't a bad idea, but Akhenaten's approach was much too radical and extreme. At one point, Pharoah was seen as the High Priest of every cult. Akhenaten obliterated the cults. The priesthoods fought to get their power back, and it didn't take them long.

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What were the religious changes brought by Akhenaton and Tutankhamen?


Who was the pharaoh who attempted to revolutionize Egyptian religious life?


How did religious leaders reacted to akhenaton changes?

They reacted with anger Hoped it helped:)

How do you say Akhenaton?

it is pronounced Akhenaton

What is religious revolution?

Religious revolution is a revolution that is primarily motivated by religion as opposed to any other factor.

Akhenaton religious changes?

Instead on worshiping many gods he changed the religon to only worshiping one god

Where did Akhenaton rule?

Akhenaton ruled Thebes.

Why did Akhenaton die?

It is not known how Akhenaton died.

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What were King Tutankhamuns religious beliefs?

King Tut restored the older cult of Amon-Re that his uncle Akhenaton abolished.

What pharaoh broke with typical Egyptian religious and artistic conventions?

That would be Akhenaton, from Dnasty XVIII 1353-1335 BCE.

Who was Pharaoh after Akhenaton?

Akhenaton was the father of Tutankhamun who followed him as Pharaoh.

Akhenaton was a leader of what country?

Akhenaton was a leader (pharaoh) of Egypt.

Why did the first Russian revolution fail?

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How long did akhenaton rule in egypt?

Akhenaton ruled for over 70 years

Was akhenaton the ruler before tut?

Yes, Akhenaton was King Tutankhamens father.

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How did Akhenaton change Egyptian art?

Akhenaton changed art from stiff and serious to FLOWY.

Who was akhenaton married to?

Akhenaton was married to Nefertiti and a woman called Kiya, the mother of Tutankhamun

Who ruled after akhenaton?


How were the effects of the scientific revolution different from the effects of the industrial revolution?

The scientific revolution caused religious controversies, while the Industrial Revolution led to worker exploitation

How do the religious leaders reacted to Akhenaton's changes?

akhenaton created the worship of the sun which made the egyptians very angry they ended up going back to the old system of religion.

When was akhenaton born?

on December 3498bc