Why did US bomb Japan?

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because japan bombed us
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Why did US bomb Japan twice?

Answer\n. \nOnce wasn't enough. They Japanese did not surrender. So, the US dropped another bomb. \n. \nInterestingly, the US prepared at least two atomic bombs. I don't

After the US bombed Japan what did Japan do?

Conventional bombing began with long-range B-29's in 1944, from islands such as Tinian and Okinawa, and fire-bombing of the major Japanese cities caused major devastation. Non

Should the us bomb japan?

As War is the lowest level of communication; any who drop bombs; is admitting: They Are Totally Lacking In The Ability of Logical communication. . Logos : 1. a. Cosmic reas

Where did the US bomb in Japan?

Convensional bombing took place throughout the entirety of mainland Japan. Nuclear bombings took place in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

US dropped a bomb on japan?

yes, 2 in fact, 2 atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, making Japan surrender completely in WW2
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Where did us drop the bombs on japan?

As it turned out, the first was dropped on Hiroshima, and the second on Nagasaki. When the B-29's took off from Tinian, they had one target city, and two alternates, for weath
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Why was the atom bomb used on Japan?

Because the invasion of Japan would have been too costly in terms of human life, and the U.S wanted to see the power of the atomic bomb, that's why he dropped the bomb on a ci