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U.S. has droped the atom bomb on the major citys of Japan - hirosima and nagasaki so japan would surrender. After we bombed the city nagasaki they surrendered a week after the bombing.

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When was Japan bombed by the Us?

it was bombed yesterday

Why did US bomb Japan?

because japan bombed us

Who bombed the US?

The Japan

What did the us do when japan bombed perl harbor?

We bombed them back

Where was the bombed launched from when us bombed japan?

nagasaki and hiroshima

How did japan attck the us?

they bombed us

What did the US do to Japan after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor?

The US bombed them back. They dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

How did the bombing between the us and japan start?

Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, Hawaii first. Later the US was able to have revenge and they bombed Japan.

Why did Japan bombed US in World War 2?

the United States bombed japan with atomic bombs.

What the propaganda of bombing Japan?

The US bombed Japan to elliminate the leader of japan

The US should have bombed Japan?


What Asian country bombed the us?


Why was the US unhappy with Japan?

they were unhappy because japan bombed the USA

Had Japan already surrendered when the US bombed Nagasaki?

They bombed Nagasaki first. Then, they surrendered.

Why us bombed japan?

because we felt like it

Who is that japan bombed Pearl Harbor?

the US navy

How did the US react when japan bombed the pearl harbor?

They declared war on Japan.

Why did the us apologize to Japan after World War 2?

the us bombed the wrong city of japan . They were supposed to bomb Kyoto but because of a fog ,they bombed hiroshima by accident

Why would have happen if japan never bombed us?

The reason why Japan bombed us was because we cut off our metal shipment to them in fear of them attacking other countries

Did the US join the allies after Germany bombed Peal Harbor?

Japan bombed Pearl Harbour

Why was the US part of world war 2?

The US became part of WWII after its military base Pearl Harbor was bombed by Japanese forces. The reason why the Japanese bombed the US was because the US stopped distributing oil to Japan. The Japanese figured that the US would appease them if they bombed Pearl Harbor, but they were wrong. Japan ended up being bombed by an atomic bomb in Hiroshima, Japan and Nagasaki, Japan. These atomic bombings led to Japans surrender to the US.

What was the outcome after US bombed Japan?

Japan agreed to surrender about a week after the Nagasaki bombing.

What was the date when the US bombed japan?

April 18th 1942

Where are the two places that the us bombed japan?

Hiroshima & Nagasaki

Who was the president of the us when they bombed japan?

Harry S. Truman