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the us bombed the wrong city of Japan . They were supposed to bomb Kyoto but because of a fog ,they bombed Hiroshima by accident

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Because America and Japan were at war- Japan having attacked the US, and declared war on the US.

World War 2. Japan Bombed Pearl Harbor.

The United States did not want to acquire japan. Japan wanted to expand, resulting in the war in the pacific in World War II. Even after the U.S. defeated japan in World War II, the US allowed Japan to maintain its sovereignty.

Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, causing the US to declare war on Japan.

The US entered WW2 with the bombing of Pearl Harbor by Japan. As soon as we declared war on Japan Germany delcared war on the US. The Germans had an agreement with Japan.

This statement is true. Japan started the war with the United States when they attacked without warning and did not declare war on the US. Within days Germany declared war on the US and the US declared war on Japan. The US then entered World War 2 as well as Japan.

The US occupied Japan and rebuilt it during the Korean War.

The US spent about 61 billion dollars on the war with Japan

Japan surrendered after the US dropped 2 atomic bombs on Japan.

Japan gave up after Germany lost the war.

No they didn't care how mad they were.

There might be many reasons that US became the target of Japan during the World War II. Japan might wanted to win over US because US was the winner of the World War I. Also Japan might wanted to rule all over the world.

the us didn't declare war on china in world war 2 us declared war on japan on 1941 when japan bombed pearl harbor hawii

Everything. The US did not ship anything to Japan during the war, we were enemies!

The United States demanded the Japan pay for war damages.

The US did not want Japan to turn Communist.

McArthur was in charge of US operations in Japan after WWII until the outbreak of the Korean War.

It was actually Japan that brought the U.S into war. After Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, they got very upset and declared war on Japan.

In World War I, the US declared war on April 6, 1917.In World War II, the US declared war on Germany on December 11, 1941. The US declared war on Japan on December 8, 1941 (the day after Japan attacked the US at Pearl Harbor); Nazi Germany was allied with Japan and declared war on the US on December 11, and the US returned the favor, so to speak.

when japan bombed hawaii that was the outrage that causedus to bomb them and then the us broke into world war 1 between japan and usa so suck it

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