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The US did not want Japan to turn Communist.

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We did not want Germany, Japan, Italy, or the USSR to know we were working on it.

They didn't. By the time the USSR finished fighting Germany (by themselves because Churchill and FDR didn't want to help), the US had been fighting Japan for a while. The USSR did declare war on Japan after the Germans surrendered. Before the USSR could do anything, the US dropped it's two atomic bombs. The Japanese were rumored to have started peace negotiations with the USSR agreeing to act as the liason after the Little Boy bombing, but the Fat Man prevented it. Many say the US bombed Japan because they didn't want the USSR sweeping in as the hero.

In 1940 Soviet Union signed a non-aggression treaty with Japan. USSR found this treaty to be beneficial for them as in June 1941 Germany launched its invasion against USSR, so Soviet Union could concentrate its troops in the west. USSR didn't want to "break" the treaty with Japan by allowing US to attack Japan from their land.

He isolated it to remove the colonial and religious influence in Japan at the time. yeaaaa

Japan was not permitted to have a military Japan was not permitted to have a military

After World War 2 the U.S.S.R wanted to attack Manchuria, without the United states interfering.

Because Japan wantde to take over Asia.

Because Japan wanted control of the world. They didn't just want to bomb the countries in the pacific, that's just where they decided to start. But, fortunatly, they did not succeed in "World Domination".

The United States did not want to acquire japan. Japan wanted to expand, resulting in the war in the pacific in World War II. Even after the U.S. defeated japan in World War II, the US allowed Japan to maintain its sovereignty.

the world and everything that's in it, but more likely the last rolo

He represented the USSR or Soviet Union whatever you want to call it. USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) That country is now called Russia.

Japan wanted to take over East Aisa and the pacific. :)

To focus on the war in the Pacific with Japan.

Yes , i want to work as a model in Japan .

They didn't want Japan to declare war on them again like Germany did after WW1.

i want to work japan because japan is industrialize and progressive country's earn high varying i want to enhance my Plexiglas's and abilities as worker in japan...

The Primary service rifle of the Soviet Union in the second world war was the Mosin-nagant, wikipedia it if you want more info

The thing that makes people come to Japan is that they have a lot of sites to see and they want to find certain things in the world and they could just want to come there to see things that they have not seen before .

Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. That was when US want revenge. They struck Japan back on Guadalcanal Island.

because the united states helped them,the united states didn't want japan to become communist

the us decided to enter world war because they want the resources of france, and they want to keep on ruling france.

The USSR wanted to control countries in Eastern Europe so that it would have subservient territories that do as they are told

We were ready to end the war and didnt want to lose men to invade Japan so we scared them away from war.

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