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World War 1

Why did World War 1 and 2 take place in china?


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Where did the china war take place

None. Germany was never at war with China.

It's my opinion but in the middle ages of china

The battles of World War Two took place all over the world: Europe, the Pacific, China and Southeast Asia, Middle East, the Mediterranean, North Africa, the Atlantic and even in North and South America.

china was in world war 1 because it was a WORLD WAR that would mean it was a war of our world.........

If this is the "Global War on Terrorism", then it is already taking place.

China declared war on Germany to earn itself a place at the post-war bargaining table. On August 14, 1917, China abandoned its neutrality and entered the war.

I am pretty sure the Olympics take place every four (4) years. Except for when the World War I and World War II took place. ;) Thanks.

World War II TOOK PLACE IN 1939-1945.

World War 1 mostly took place in along the east and west borderlines of Germany and Belgium in Europe, so no it did not take place in Africa.

It took place in 1945 so in World War II.

The whole world. That's why it's called the world war

who was the leader of china in world war one

In 1942 and 1946 the world cup did not take place because of world war 2 and aftermath

The Nationalists helped China during World War 2. They helped China financially, and with military help, as well as with technology.

Well firstly two World Wars have taken place so far, World War I and World War II. World War I was from 1914 through to 1919. World War II lasted from 1939 to 1945.

Yes. In 1942 and 1946, the World Cup did not take place due to World War II.

it took place mostly in Europe

It took place during World War II

world war 2 just like all of them except modern warfare

World War 2 took place between 1939 and 1945. However, the war was not reffered to as "World War" until late 1941 when America entered the war. The war also took place before 1939, between Japan and China, and Japan and Germany's other conquests that led to the Second World War.

The battle took place during the late stages of World War II.

The events take place in 1942 and 1943, during World War II.

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