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Why did World War 2 spread into North Africa?


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Italy first attacked Abyssinia in 1935 in order to obtain a more territory. Germany and Italy had gained control of most of Europe and parts of North Africa. They were advancing into colonies of England and threatening to take control of the Suez Canal.

The Allies had to begin fighting to stop the advance of the Axis powers. It would have been very risky to attack directly at Germany or even into France. So they had to attack the fringes of their territory.


Italy invaded the British colony of Libya and suffered huge losses to the British troops. Seeing his Ally, Mussolini, was in trouble, Hitler sent a force to assist the Italians. The Afrika corp was formed. So basically, Africa became the next battlefield and the British and commonwealth army's were unprepared for war against the Germans and Japanese forces who were highly trained and ready so Africa became a huge training ground. A history book won't say this because it's heartless and not too important. A massive factor, however, which usually gets overlooked is that more German and Axis troops were captured in the final phases of the battle in Tunis than were lost at Stalingrad!