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Why did a bug bite on your shoulder turn into a bruise?

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Bruises are caused from bleeding under the skin. So even if someone where to punch you in the arm the skin underneath would bleed a little and cause bruising. Nothing to worry about. It will go away.

2009-06-25 23:01:29
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Q: Why did a bug bite on your shoulder turn into a bruise?
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What do people turn into when bitten by a beetle?

A person with a bug bite.

Why does a bug bite have a bruise around it?

Bug bites have bruises around them because when the insect attaches itself to you is is basically sucking your blood. Because they get the blood from you veins, your blood cells are breaking up this is what causes the funky purpely color. Just like when you get a bruise from hitting your leg on a desk (its breaking up blood cells causing yourself to bruise

Can you get a bug bite on your lip?

You can get a bug bite any were. It's up to the bug to choose were it wants to bite you, and it's up to you to stand idly bye and let the bug bite you.

Why did the bird bite the bug?

I don't know... why did the bird bite the bug?

What makes a bug bite itch?

The saliva is what makes a bug bite itch.

What is bug bite with dots around it?

A bug bite with dots around it could be a bed bug bite. These usually appear as reddish dots with patterned rows.

Can an infected bug bite first diagnosed cause shingles or is it not a bug bite but a single shingle and days later several blisters down your right arm and shoulder that I could feel burst?

The bug bite will not cause shingles. Shingles is a re-activation of the chickenpox virus that affects a single nerve bundle, generally on the torso. The symptoms you are describing could be shingles (particularly if you had chickenpox as a child), or it could be an infection in the lymphatic system (possibly caused by a bug bite).

What level does metapod learn bug bite?

Metapod can't learn Bug Bite.

Does the rolie polie bug bite?

Dose The rolie Polie bug bite People

How do you get rid of bug bites?

Depends if its a effective bite,if its normal to have that bug bite just buy After Bite in stores.It helps

What if your husband came home with 4 inch bruise with what looks like a bug or spider bite in the center of it how do you treat it?

Ice it and if it gets any worse it may be from a brown recluse or black widow. Be sure that the "bruise" is really a bruise. If he was bitten by a brown recluse, it may already be necrotizing and needs to be taken care of by a doctor.

What Pokemon can learn the move Bug Bite?

One Pokemon that can learn Bug Bite is Wurmple.

What bug bites leave a bruise and teeth marks?

A spider

Where can you buy bug bite pictures?

Bug bite pictures can be purchased at bookstores via medical books pertaining to bug bites or dermatological issues. However, bug bite pictures can be viewed and printed for free from various online sites such as WebMD.

Could you have a bug bite on your arm if you have a small bump on your arm that is swollen?

It could be a bug bite,or a infected hair folical.

How can you tell a tick bite from a bed bug bite?

no thats not ture

What do you use on a bug bite?


Will it kill you if you get a bug bite on your shingles?


Can you get a bug bite on your hand?


What do you when you get a bug bite?

If you have it then put on some bug bite medicine. I know that isn't something you're looking for. You were probably looking for something more complicated or more fascinating or something but believe me bug bite medicine works the best.

How do you disinfect a bug bite?

it depends what kind of bug bite for a mosquito bite you may want to put some Neosporin on it likewise for ant bites rinse them with water and that's about it

What is wrong when you have itchy bruises?

Bruises itch because to heal, the body causes swelling and inflammation. That can cause itchy bruises.If you got bitten by a bug or spider, the bite can cause a bruise and the bite can itch. Use a tiny bit of anti-itch cream in dabs on each one.

Can you please show me a picture of a bed bug bite on a dog?

i would like to see a picture of a bed bug bite on a dog please..

Can you have a bed bug bite on THE vagina?


How do you tell if it is a tick bite or bug bite?

A tick bite is a bug bite. Tick bites hurt a lot. Other bites tend to itch. I found my tick & bite because it itched a lot. It is a tick bite if there is a tick on it although baby ticks can be as small as a piece of pepper. ICK!