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From your perspective, the chemistry may have felt great, but your ex apparently didn't feel the same way. This is especially true if you started dating him soon after he and his former girlfriend broke up. Rebound relationships are often influenced by the previous relationships both people were in. It feels lousy when you get dumped, but would you want him back? You now have the opportunity to meet more worthwhile guys.

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What is chemistry between a man and a women?

Chemistry = Need plus Comfort plus happiness

What does sexual chemistry mean?

Sexual chemistry generally refers to the sexual attraction between two parties. (Man - Man, Woman - Woman, Man - Woman).

How do you use chemistry in a sentence?

I just failed my chemistry test. Do you know the chemistry of those chemicals? Oh man, the chemistry between those two is just SO strong!

Is Isle of Man in Great Britain?

NO. The Isle of Man is between Great Britain and Ireland.

What are the benefits of Chemistry to man?

what are benifits of chemistry

Chemistry and man?

chemistry and men are both complicated

What is the relationship between man and squid?

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Its normal for your man to flirt with his mates?

No, dump him!

What to do if your man likes your best friend?

Dump your man and get some self-esteem.

Sex between unmarried man and woman?

Is great.

What do you do if a man cheats you?

Dump him if you have enough self respect.

What yo do when your man start liking your friend?

You dump him.

When was chemistry started?

Chemistry started with the Big Bang. The STUDY of chemistry began when man learned to make fire.

What is the island between great Britain and Ireland?

The Isle of Man.

What the man who discovered the chemistry?


What should you do if your man cheated on you?

Dump him immediately or there will be relationship problems!

What do you do when you see love messages on your man's phone?

You dump your man

What will happen if we don't have chemistry?

Without chemistry the present world can not exists all things including man are connected to chemistry, all thing which we used are chemicals either created by nature or by man.

What is the relationship between you and your niece's son?

Your niece's son is your great nephew. You are his great aunt (if you are a woman) or his great uncle (if you are a man).

What would happen without chemistry?

Without chemistry, the world will be struck in the early life of man.

How did Montreal develop?

a fat man took a dump in the shape of a city

What are the contributions of chemistry in improving the quality of mans life?

Chemistry pervades human life comprehensively.Cosmetic chemistry,Textile chemistry,Drug Chemistry,bio-chemistry , agro -chemistry,Nuclear chemistry etc.The list is long.In short without chemistry it is difficult for man to sustain his civilsed life of today.

Who was know as the man to start chemistry during the scientific revolution?

The founder of the science of chemistry is Antoine Lavoisier.

What should you do if your man is cheating?

cheat on him with his best friend! then dump his gay self!

What is Isle of Man?

The Isle of Man is a self-governing British Crown Dependency located between Great Britain and Ireland.

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