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An angel did not make Mary pregnant. It was the Holy Spirit - God.

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Which event is called the Annunciation?

When the angel Gabriel told the virgin Mary that she would have a baby who would be the Son of God.

How did God prepare Mary to be the Mother of Jesus and of the Church?

An angel of God was sent down from heaven and told the virgin Mary that she will born the baby Jesus.

Was Mary the only virgin to have a baby?

yes she was the only virgin

Was Mary a virgin when she had a baby?

Yes, Mary was a virgin because it was God who inserted Jesus into her. Though no one believed her not even Joseph she still knew it was true. One night an angel came into Joseph's dream and explained to him that everything Mary told him was the truth.

Who told Mary she was having a baby?

The angel Gabriel was the one who told Mary she was going to have a baby. She was about to be married to Joseph when the angel visited her.

What made the virgin Mary revolutionary?

It is right there in the title Virgin Mary and yet she had a baby named Jesus.

What angel sent the baby to Mary and Joseph?

God sent the baby to Mary. Gabriel told Mary what was to happen to her.

Messenger of God who told Mary she was to have a baby?

The Angel Gabriel told Mary that she will have a baby (Jesus).

Was Mary pregnant when the angel told her that her baby would be the messiah?

Yes,the angel told Mary that she was with child when it visited her.

Do Pentecostal believe in Virgin Mary?

Yes!they do believe because it is said in the Bible that Mary is a virgin when he gave birth to baby Jesus.

How did Jesus get here?

Well, Like, God had one of his angels ask Mary if they could put Jesus in her. And she said Yes. So the angel also brought Joesph & Mary together. After awhile, the Virgin Mary gave birth to little baby Jesus.

What Christmas song as the letters tvmhabb?

The virgin Mary had a baby boy

Who first told Mary she would have a baby?

The angel Gabriel first gave the news to Mary.

What Christmas song has intitials mhabc?

Mary Had A Boy Child also known as Mary Had a Baby Boy and The Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy. This is a traditional Christmas carol from Trinidad.

Did Joseph tell Mary that she was going to have a baby?

According to the gospel of Luke, Mary was told about her pregnancy by an angel.

What are five things in a nacimiento?

Baby Jesus, animals, Mary, Joseph and angel

Who told the virgin Mary she was going to have a baby?

.Catholic AnswerThe Archangel Gabriel, came to announce God's favor to the Blessed Virgin Mary, see the second chapter of St. Luke's Gospel.

How did virgin Mary have the baby?

The Virgin Mary became pregnant with Jesus, before Joseph had married her! So she hadn't had any intimate relations with Jospeh. But she became preganant through the Holy Spirit; who had been sent by God to impregnate Mary.

Is Mary Jesus' first disciple?

No, Mary was chosen by an angel of God to give birth to baby Jesus, but she was not his first decibel.

How did they come up with the Christmas angel?

Angel gab, told marry that she will bear a son and name him jesus.

What speical gifts did Mary have?

The gift of having a baby who turned out to be gods son whilst she was still a virgin.

What is Madonna enthroned?

It means a painting (there are several) depicting Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus sitting on a throne.

Was Joseph was the one that told Mary she was going to have a baby?

AnswerLargely this is not true, but it depends somewhat on which gospel and which nativity story you wish to read. In Matthew's Gospel, Mary already knew she would have a baby when an angel visited Joseph to tell him that Mary's baby was conceived by the Holy Ghost. The Gospel does not say, but Joseph would have told Mary the tidings.In Luke's Gospel, an angel visited Mary even before she conceived and told her she would have a baby. The Gospel does not say, but Mary would have told Joseph the tidings.

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