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some christians in the east thought that people were wrongly worshipping the icons as if they were divine

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What event caused a strain in the Christian church in 730?

In 730, the Byzantine emperor Leo III banned the use of icons. Icons are religious images used by Eastern Christians to aid their prayers.

Why did byzantine emperor Leo 3 inaugurate a program of iconoclasm?

According to the tradition between 726 and 730 the Byzantine Leo III ordered the removal of an image of Christ, prominently placed over the Chalke Gate, the ceremonial entrance to the Great Palace of Constantinople, and its replacement with a cross. Leo saw image veneration as a craft of idolatry and forbade the veneration of religious images in a 730 edict This did not apply to other forms of art, including the image of the emperor, or religious symbols such as the cross. He did not consult the church. This led to a clash with the Patriarch of Constantinople, who was a supporter of icons (an iconodule). It is likely that the controversy over the icons started in the provinces of the empire before Leo's actions.

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What is iconoclasm?

The belief that there should not be religious pictures, generally seeing them as a form of idolatry. The term literally means icon-breaking. This view was state policy in the Byzantine Empire from 730 to 878 and from 815 to 843.

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