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they feared the power of the people. with more people came more opinions and it became harder to please everybody. they needed representatives to make the decisions for the people.

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Q: Why did early Americans fear a federal government?
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Is the federal government stronger than the state?

Regarding authority, yes. A U.S. State Government (such as the State of Texas) administers the State in which is located. By contrast, the Federal Government of the United States of America administers the whole country.

What did Americans fear during the red Scare?

During the Red Scare, the Americans feared the spread of communism (red was the colour of the flag of the communist Soviet Union and the communist emblem known as the red star). There were two Red Scares in U.S.A.: 1) 1919-1920: Fear of socialist revolution and political radicalism (red is a symbol of radical ideology). 2) 1947-1957: Fear of national and foreign communism influencing American society and/or infiltrating the federal government.

What did some people fear might happen if a Bill of Rights was not added to the Constitution?

There was a fear among the Anti-Federalists that the central government would have too much power. They also feared that state sovereignty was in jeopardy.

What did president Grant help pass to prevent southerners from using fear to shut African Americans of the political process?

President Grant helped pass the Enforcement Acts in 1870 and 1871 also known as the Ku Klux Klan Acts. These acts granted the federal government significant power to intervene in the South to protect African Americans from the violence and intimidation by the Ku Klux Klan and other white supremacist groups. The acts allowed the president to suspend the writ of habeas corpus and use federal troops to combat the Klan and other such groups. They also allowed for the prosecution of those responsible for the violence and the punishment of those who denied African Americans their civil rights. In addition the acts allowed the federal government to register African American voters and authorized the use of federal marshals to protect African American voting rights.The Enforcement Acts were a major step towards protecting African Americans from the terror and intimidation of white supremacists in the South. They were seen as a major victory for African Americans and helped to restore their rights and freedoms.

What important Federalist idea is expressed in this excerpt from the Federalist Papers?

The importance of a strong central government

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What early political party fear that a strong federal government would endanger peoples liberties?

The Anti-Federalists feared strong centralized government and favored the individual and States having more power than the federal government.

What form of government did Americans fear?

A tyrant.

Why did the south fear it would lose power in the federal government?

Because the federal government would abolish slavery.

What form of government did Americans most fear?

A tyrant.

Which of these led to the Bill of Rights?

Fear of a strong federal government

What fear led Americans to leave weaknesses in the Articles of Confederation?

Fear of strong national government

Which if these led to the bill of rights?

fear of strong federal government...4p3x!

What kind of government did Americans fear after the American revolution?

They feared monarchy.

What type of government id Americans fear?

They feard of how the would survive

What did Americans fear during the 1950's and what did government do about it?

a nuclear war

Why did most Americans fear socialism in the late 1800s and early 1900s?


What was the biggest fear Americans had about setting up a new government?

thats the laws will be destroyed.