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Why did early traders use the abacus?

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They didn't have electronic calculators. Abacuses (or is it abaci? no clue... oh well...) are calculators, and they could use them to calculate things.

2006-10-23 14:01:11
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Q: Why did early traders use the abacus?
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Who is the inventor of the early abacus?

The Inventor Of Early Abacus Was Napier Bones.

What is the minimum number of bars on an abacus?

The minimum number of bars on an abacus is nine. An abacus is a calculating tool that was used before the written numeral system came into use. It is still used by merchants and traders in countries in Asia and Africa.

Was the abacus basically an ancient calculator?

The abacus was an early calculator; no 'basically' about it.

Who founded the ABACUS?

The Sumarian abacus appeared as early as 2700 BC, The ancient Egyptians and the Persians also used the abacus

Purpose of the abacus?

The abacus, also called a counting frame, is a calculating tool used primarily in parts of Asia for performing mathematical processes. The abacus was in use centuries before the adoption of the written modern numeral system and is still widely used by merchants, traders and clerks in Asia, Africa, and elsewhere.

Who were the early traders that came to the Philippines?

Arab traders

Did the Romans use calculating tools?

Yes, they used the abacus.Yes, they used the abacus.Yes, they used the abacus.Yes, they used the abacus.Yes, they used the abacus.Yes, they used the abacus.Yes, they used the abacus.Yes, they used the abacus.Yes, they used the abacus.

How do you use the word abacus in a sentence?

well here is the answer ! :)Some people use the abacus to solve some mathematical calculations

Who created abacus?

China Answer: The abacus has a history going back to 2500 BCE when it was first used in Sumeria.Later and improved versions were in use in Babylonia, Egypt, Persia, India, China, Rome and Greece. There are reports of abaci in India as early as the 1st century CE. The first use of Chinese abacus is not documented until the 14th Century CE although there is evidence in Chinese illustrations that they were in common use as early as 1100 CE. It was similar to the modern abacus. From China the abacus spread into Japan and Korea.Some scholars point to an independent development of the abacus in Mesoamerica by the Mayans and Aztecs. These were of course based on the base 20 not 10 as in Asia and Europe.

What was a early counting machine in ancient China?


What two early civilizations could have invented the abacus?


What are the advantages of the abacus?

One of the advantages of the abacus is that it is easy to use. Another is that it does not require electricity to work. You can use it no matter where you are.

Sentence for abacus?

Known as a counting devise, the abacus has been in use for many centuries

Why was the abacus invenented?

People realized that they could only count so high with their fingers and toes, so the abacus was invented as an early calculator.

What is early machine that could do basic maths?

It was an abacus counting device

Who were the people using the abacus up to the early 1900s in the Caribbean?


How do you use abacus whiz abacus host-Emulator-1?

for example , 122marisbman

What did they use before calculators?

The Abacus

Where is abacus used nowdays?

Thailand vegetable vendors use abacus, nowadays abacus is gaining popularity in India, US and taught by many schools

What group of Europeans was fur traders?

Many of the early trappers/fur traders in America were French.

Who were the early Scandinavian traders in Kiev?

The Vikings.

What is the name of the traders from early Scandinavia?

The Vikings.

Which century was abacus invented?

Around 2500BC the first Abacus appeared in Sumaria. It arrived in Persia about 600BC. The Greek Abacus is recorded to have been in use about 500BC

Are the abacus and the Chinese calculator the same thing?

An abacus is an ancient Chinese calculator that is still in use today.

How do you use abacus in a sentence?

Go and puncy one ande then se what hapens to your hand and then blame the abacus