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Q: Why did earth first atmosphere not last?
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What is the earth's first atmosphere primarily compose of?

the earth first atmosphere is troposphere

Is Mars the last planet in our atmosphere?

No. No. The only planet n contact with Earth's atmosphere is Earth itself.

What is the last layer of the earth's atmosphere?


What was most abundant gas in Earth's first atmosphere?

The most abundant element in earth's first atmosphere is nitrogen. This is a gas which makes 78% of the earth's atmosphere.

What is earths atmosphere is primarily composed of?

the earth first atmosphere is troposphere

When was the first atmosphere?

The idea to when first atmosphere was made is difficult. The atmosphere is present from the beginning. This allowed human life on earth.

Earth early atmosphere was first changed by?


What is the first layer of earth's atmosphere touching earth surface?


What is the first layer of the earth atmosphere touching earth surface is called?


Abundant in Earth's first atmosphere?

This gas is carbon dioxide

What was earth's first atmosphere was mostly a mixture of?

Nitrogen and oxygen.

The first layer of earths atmosphere touching the earth?