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Why did emperor Hirohito become emperor?


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His father, Yoshihito, died. As his son, Hirohito ascended to the throne upon his death.

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He inherited the Imperial throne from his father, Emperor Hirohito.

Hirohito was the Emperor of Japan

He inherited the Imperial Throne from his father, Hirohito.

December 25th 1926 when his father (Emperor Taisho (Yoshihito)) died.

Emperor Hirohito was never in jail being an Emperor.

Emperor Hirohito was the head of Japan.

Emperor Hirohito was born into this position. His father, the Emperor, was suffering from mental illness therefore Hirohito became the Emperor when he was a young adult.

Emperor Hirohito was Japan's leader.

Emperor Hirohito was the symbol of Japan and its history. He was once considered a god.

Emperor Hirohito was the Emperor of Japan during World War 2.

Emperor Hirohito became emperor of Japan from 1926 to 1989. Hirohito is the eldest son of Crown Prince Yoshihito and was born on April 29, 1901.

Akihito is the current Emperor of Japan. He became Emperor after the death of his father, Emperor Hirohito (known in Japan as Emperor Showa) on 7 January 1989.

Yes, of course. Hirohito, now called the Shōwa Emperor, is the father of the current emperor, Akihito.

All i know is his first name, Hirohito. In Japan he is known as Emperor Showa.

Hirohito became emperor on the death of his father in December 1926. He therefore became the 124th emperor in direct lineage. Caligula

Hirohito was the Emperor of Japan in 1942.

Hirohito was the Emperor of Japan when Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese navy. The Emperor stayed in Tokyo.

Emperor Showa, but to the Western world he was known as Emperor Hirohito.

Michinomiya Hirohito was the emperor of Japan during WW2, his system of government was militarism.

SHINTO was the official Japanese religion (Emperor Hirohito was Japan).

The Japanese, Hirohito was the Emperor of Japan during and just before WWII.

Hirohito was a good Emperor that made bad desions in his life

Emperor Hirohito lived in Tokyo.

he is Hirohito Shinnou

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