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You need to answer this question question because we don’t do homework and your teacher is looking for your critical thinking skills and how well you understood the lesson.

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Q: Why did equating President Wilson to the German Kaiser in the Kaiser Wilson poster enrage the?
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Who compared President Wilson with the kaiser?

Alice Paul

Who compared president Wilson with kaiser?

Alice Paul

Who are the people in World War 1?

President Woodrow Wilson & the Kaiser.

What President Wilson wanted to?

the kaiser is ousted and a new republic accepts Woodrow Wilson's terms for peace

When Germany offered to surrender President Wilson would not agree to it unless something happened first. What was it?

Kaiser Wilhelm had to abdicate his throne.

Where was the diplomat from who spoke to the US President in 1914 a quotation after the Austrian archduke was assassinated by a Serbian student?

German Foreign Minister Arthur Zimmerman, possibly with the permission of the German Kaiser, sent a coded message to the German Ambassador in Mexico, Heinrick von Eckhardt (January 16, 1917). The British intercepted the Zimmerman Telegram and forwarded it to President Wilson.

According to suffragists how is President Wilson similar to Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany?

he was thought to be an oppressor of human rights.

Why was President Wilson called kaiser Wilson?

Wilson was rarely called by this name. He was given this name by activist Alice Paul and her protest group because he did not do more to advance women's suffrage. '

When did the German government appeal to president Wilson for armistice?

october 4, 1918

What two conditions for an armistice were set up by Wilson in World War 1?

The Fourteen Points plan and Kaiser, the German emperor, to give up power.

How tall is Ricky Wilson from Kaiser Chiefs?


Why did president Wilson send soilders into northwestern and eastern russia from 1918 to 1920?

Wilson wanted to help the revolution halt the German advance