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The first nations helped the Europeans because it was good to trade with them to get metals for fur.

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Q: Why did first nations help Europeans when they came to Canada?
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When did the europeans first land in Canada?

The first Europeans to settle in Canada were Norse. They came around 1000, but did not stay long. The next activity came with Giovanni Caboto, who was exploring for England. After this, explorers from other nations such as the Portugal and Basque started to come to Canada.

How did slavery start in Canada?

Many of the First Nations of Canada practiced slavery before Europeans came to North America. Black slaves arrived in the early 1700s to work in farmlands. It was completely outlawed in Canada in 1806.

Who were the first people to come to Canada?

the first people who came to Canada is the first nations or you can call them aboriginals.

When did the European come to Canada?

The first Europeans came to Canada to explore circa 1000A.D.

What year did the first nations come to Canada?

1750 ------------------ In Canada the term First Nations often refer to Aboriginals. They first settled on the West Coast about 17500 years ago or somewhere between 12,000 and 18,000 years ago.

What continent did the ''First Nations'' of Canada come from?

I think they came from Europe or Asia.

What is the difference between the first nation and the England?

In Canada the First Nations are the peoples who were here before the arrival of the Europeans, including the English, except for some related peoples, the Inuit and the Métis. The Inuit (not First Nations) are the peoples who have been called 'Eskimos' who traditionally lived in the northernmost regions of Canada. The Métis are the peoples of mixed European and First Nations blood. In Canada, England is not considered a 'first nation'. It is the country from which some of the early colonists came after European discovery of the North American continent.

When did the first Europeans arrive in America?

the first Europeans came in 1497

How did the first nations affect the europeans?

Well, when Christopher Columbus and Jaque Cartier came, the first nations gave them everything they had. Then the europeens used first nations as slaves. If the first nations didn't listen to the europeens they would be killed. That's exacty what happened. That's why today in North America we don't have many first nations left, soon they'll all be gone. So do we really like Christopher colombus because he dicovered North America? But we also have to remember that he distroyed the First people of Canada!

Why is it wrong to say Europeans settled the land when they came to Canada?

It is wrong to day that the Europeans settled the land when they came to Canada because they didn't live there. They just went there to get herbs and spices. It is wrong to day that the Europeans settled the land when they came to Canada because they didn't live there. They just went there to get herbs and spices. _JEssica CHan

Who was the first people thet came to America?

Europeans Europeans

Where did the first Europeans came from?