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I think they came from Europe or Asia.

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Q: What continent did the ''First Nations'' of Canada come from?
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What continent did the ''First Nations'' of canadains come from?


Who were the first people to come to Canada?

the first people who came to Canada is the first nations or you can call them aboriginals.

What year did the first nations come to Canada?

1750 ------------------ In Canada the term First Nations often refer to Aboriginals. They first settled on the West Coast about 17500 years ago or somewhere between 12,000 and 18,000 years ago.

When did the europeans first land in Canada?

The first Europeans to settle in Canada were Norse. They came around 1000, but did not stay long. The next activity came with Giovanni Caboto, who was exploring for England. After this, explorers from other nations such as the Portugal and Basque started to come to Canada.

When did the first Nigerian immigrants come to Canada?

when did the first Nigerian immigrants come to Canada

Why are First Nations called 'First Nations'?

"First Nations" is a term used in Canada to refer to the remaining native populations, those called "Native Americans" in the US. They were actually also the first people to come and settle here. "first Nations" The term "First Nations" is used because these people are now treated as members of "nations," somewhat similarly to the status of Anglophone and Francophone peoples descended from Europeans, and because they represent those who were on the land "first" - before the European migration to America.

How did the first nations come to north America?

I'm positive about this but I think they crossed a bridge by following herds of animals

Where did first nations people come from?

I hope you mean "Where did First Nations People come from?" or something similar? The First Nations people are referred by that name in Canada. In the U.S. they are called "American Indians", or "Native Americans". In Alaska they are called Native Alaskans as opposed to non-Native Americans who are just Alaskan natives.

Why was there an Algonquin?

They were the first to come to Canada!

Where are all the cardinals in the Vatican from?

The Cardinals of the Catholic Church come from every continent, from various nations, and represent nearly every race.

Where did the first european settlers come from to Canada?

The first European settlers in Canada were Scandinavians.

When did television come to Canada?

it first arrived in canada in 1952 i hope we have helped you