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because he loved sex alot and became a sex addict in the early 1880's

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Q: Why did gavrilo princip hate franz Ferdinand?
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Bosnian Serbs wanted Bosnia to be free of Austria-Hungary, and liberate Serbs from Austro-Hungarian occupation. So, they attempted to assasinate the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, Archduke Franz Fernindad and his wife, Sophia. First, they tried to hit their car, but the grenade was deflected. Then, later that day, Gavrilo Princip suceeded in shooting and killing both of them. The Austro-Hungarian government became furious and their rage forced them to make an irrational decision based on the few facts they've recieved. They immediately blamed all of Serbia for the dealth of the beloved couple. (We just studied this in history class. It's fresh in my mind, because I've written two essays on the subject. Don't worry, most of my data comes straight from the text) The assassins were members of the Black Hand, a terrorist organization based in Serbia and tolerated by the Serbian government. It received money from the Serbian secret service.

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