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To balance the flow of blood.

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Why did Stonewall Jackson ride with one hand in the air?

I thought originally it was due to a wound he received in battle and that he raised his hand to alleviate the pain. I have been reading more into it and another answer is he used it to balance his other arm.

What is air ride?

A ride in the air, usually on machine.

Will there be a Kirby air ride?

there is a kirby air ride

Is galax in Kirby air ride?

If galax is supposed to be galaxia, yes ... it least, in Meta Knight's hand.

Who is galalax from Kirby air ride?

There is no galalax in Kirby Air Ride.

When did Kirby Air Ride happen?

Kirby Air Ride happened in 2003.

How do you beat Kirby air ride?

You have to complete all the check boxes for top ride, air ride and city trial

When was Kirby Air Ride created?

Kirby Air Ride was created on 2003-06-09.

What type of air vehicle gives the best air ride?

The types of vehicles that give the best air ride are the MDI Air Pod, OneFlowAir and CityFlowAir and MiniFlowAir. The APUQ Air Car also gives a great ride.

What is the cost to ride a hot air balloon?

To ride a hot air balloon, the cost is $200-$400

Do semi-trucks have airbags?

They have airbags for the suspension air ride, they have air bags for the cab air ride. As far as collision air bags, some have them.

What are the effects of a bad air ride solenoid for a Lincoln mark viii?

a bad solenoid will prevent the air ride from automatically adjusting the ride comfort,for example,if the car has extra weight in trunk, the air ride will not kick in and level the car,

What type of ride is air ride?

There are 4 bags on each wheel that have air pumped into them by an onboard compressor to keep the car up and level, you get a softer ride.

How many players can play Kirby air ride?

The most people that can play on Kirby Air Ride are four.

How do you get air ride suspension bags go down in the back?

jack the rear of the car up and let the air ride level itself once there down shut off air ride from the trunk

Do you need air to ride a bicycle?

No,Some astronaunts can ride it on the moon.

How do you change out a 2002 Cadillac Escalade air ride compressor?

How do you change out a air ride compressor on a 2002 Cadillac Escalade?

Is there a Kirby air ride 2?

Unfortunately, there is not. Although, there was a Kirby's Air Ride planned for the N64 in 2000, but this game was cancelled.

What is the name of the newest ride at Alton towers?

i think the newest ride is the air?

Is there Kirby air ride 2?


2000 Lincoln LS Where are the air ride sensors located?

There is no air ride in the LS,..maybe your thinking Mark VIII or Towncar??

How much is Kirby air ride?

Kirby Air Ride is a discountinued Gamecube game. But don't worry, go to, and search Kirby Air Ride, and it will show different stores on Kirby Air Ride. It goes from $15 to $125. It's the best Kirby game ever, I would still be playing it, but it got lost. :(

How do you unlock the winged star in Kirby Air Ride?

On Air Ride Mode finish in 1st place while gliding through the air. This is easiest to do on Celestial Valley.

How to Remove check air ride from computer on 98 mark viii?

Repiar the air ride, first do a air ride test with the air ride plug under the hood on the left side, next remove the plug from the compressor and reinstall if the compressor comes on the warning goes away you will need a compressor as the temp switch in the pump has failed

air pump for auto air ride?

in andrews ind. 46702