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Why did god make humans?


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Jesus loves us all

.... But on a serious not ,no he didn't :)


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God tickes to make humans laugh and be happy.

According to some religions, people were made to be in the form of God. This would make humans better than other animals.

According to science god didn't make either.

humans + commandments = religion

Did humans come from God or monkeys? Humans came from God.

God made people in his own image. People have dominion over humans because humans are superior. Humans are also superior to animals because humans have emotions.

The same "place" God always is... letting humans have free will. God doesn't abandon humans-- humans abandon God.

because we sin, or make mistakes, he doesnt. its part of our nature.

God did not make the Preying Mantis. The Preying Mantis formed over millions of years just as humans did through the process of evolution.

Adam and eve were the first humans to disobey god.

If God exists, and evolution exists, and God created everything, then God created evolution.

In the book of Genesis, He made clothes out of animal skins for the first humans.

Strawberries never "came to be". God created them, along with all the other plants. We as humans might not have found them until later on, but humans did not make them. If you read Genesis, it tells you all about how God created animals, humans, and so forth.

I would say the opposite. "It is not right for us to play God". God is omnipotent and does not make mistakes while we humans are fallible and do. Thus if we as humans take it upon ourselves to decide who lives and who dies, this will cause suffering to others.

Simply no one knows exactly WHY God called us humans. Only God knows why we are called humans. Some people believe somethings that why we are called humans,but we cant be sure.

god made art for the same reason he made music, poetry, trees and even humans. because it is interesting and amazing

He was the god who taught humans to grow, harvest, make and enjoy wine.

Because He wanted to have more than just two humans. By making male and female, through sexual reproduction, many more humans have been created. Also God wanted to better demonstrate His many attributes by creating two separate species of humans. God apparently has both male and female attributes.

Actually, people are God's #1 creation. He made humans for a reason, nobody quite knows the reason, but it's true. Some people think God created humans so they would get a chance to decide whether they want to go to Heaven or Hell, or probably to make humans listen to their heart. Others think God created humans so that humans would serve God. People are who againist God think that He made them to suffer through life's difficulties. If this answer doesn't seem to make sense to you, or if you're still curious, there are millions of smart humans in the world, ask them.

God has no religion. We, us people, have built religions around him. Humans made Christianity, not god. We humans made Hinduism and every other religion out there not god.

i don't think anyone created God. he was there in the begining and he made the rest of what you see. i agree, there are parts that don't make sense, but we are only humans. not everything that God does makes sense, but he does it for a reason that helps everybody.

God had little to do with humans

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