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Noah was not like the other people of his day, and God wanted the human race to continue.

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Why did God save Noah and his family?

Noah and his family were spared from the flood as God found them only ones who remembered god, and did not fall into the wicked ways of the other people.

Why was Noah and his family saved?

Because God saw that Noah was the only just man, so he saved him and his family.

How did Noah know about the flood?

God told Noah. God gave Noah the directions of how to build the ark and thus Noah and his family were saved. You can read about it in Genesis 6-9 in the Bible.

What did god tell Noah to take with him?

God told Noah to bring two of every kind of Animal with him on the Arc. Also God told Noah to bring his wife and his sons and his sons family.

How did Noah get the animals on board?

God sent the animals and they walked on board themselves. Then Noah and his family went in, and God shut the door of the ark.

Why did God tell Noah to make an ark?

God wanted to start over with man because only Noah and his family followed God, so he saved them from the flood.

Why did god spear Noah and his family life when he flooded earth?

God spared (not speared) Noah and his family as they were the only people who still remembered/believed in him while the rest of the population of the earth had turned to wicked and deceitful ways. God almost destroyed the whole earth but because of Noah and his love for him God decided just to begin again with his family.

Did god have male and female in the ark other than Noah family?

No. The only humans on the ark were Noah and his family. (Ref. Genesis 6: 17,18)

Why werev Noah and his family saved from the flood?

Because god only found Noah just and saved him from the flood.

What command did God give to Noah and his family after the flood?

Be fruitful and multiply

Why did God save Noah and his family from the flood?

He wanted the human race to continue.

Are we all decendants of Noah?

Am not Yes. When God made the flood, everyone but Noah and his family perished. You'd have to be a decendant of Noah because there was no one else left in the world.

Why did God tell Noah to build the ark?

Because he was going to destroy the earth with a great flood and everyone in it except Noah and his family

Why did god favor and save Noah from the flood?

Genesis 6:9 tells us, "Noah was a just man, perfect in his generations. Noah walked with God...." Noah lived by God's standards. He stood out when compared to any other man at that time. God was going to destroy the world He made as it was evil, but Noah was different, and he walked with God just as Enoch had so God saved Noah and his family from the flood and used them to start a new population on the earth.

What promises did God make to Noah before the flood?

God promised to preserve Noah's life and the lives of his family.

How was Noah recognized by God?

Genesis ch.6-9 1) God spoke to him and acknowledged his righteousness2) God preserved Noah and his family during the Flood 3) God promised to repopulate the Earth through Noah's sons and daughters-in-law 4) God was pleased with the burnt-offering that Noah offered up

Who told Noah to leave the ark?

Genesis 8:15-17 tells us that it was GOD who told Noah and his family to leave the ark.

What is the theme of the story Noah and the ark?

There are several themes in the story of Noah and the ark.- God communicates with man. - God told Noah about the coming judgment and the way of salvation.- God is loving and merciful - God waited for mankind to repent, God saved Noah and his family.- God is holy and righteous and demands death as the payment for sin - God judges the sin of mankind.- Man is a sinner. He needs God and is helpless to save himself - the way to be saved from the flood (God's judgment) was provided by God.- Man must have faith to please God - by faith Noah built the ark.- The way of salvation is determined by God - Noah was saved the way God said.

What was God's relationship with Noah?

Noah was pretty much the only person of his time trying to obey the rules of God (besides his family). God trusted Noah (as well as some others in the near and distant future) to do his bidding without complaints.

Did Noah obey god?

Noah obeyed everything god commanded

What was the first thing Noah and his family did when they left the ark?

Genesis 8:20 Tells us that after Noah and his family left the ark, they built an altar to God and offered up a burnt offering.

Noah was a preacher of what?

Noah wasn't a preacher. He built the ark and tried to warn others of the flood God had said he was bringing, but no one but his family believed him.

Where is the first rainbow happened?

it is not said in the bible but it is in the time of noah...and i think it happened after the first rain where noah and his family saw a rainbow that god sent..

Why did god destroy the humans in Noah's story?

God felt regret for making man. Only Noah and his family were saved because they still put faith in God. Noah even asked God if he could find even one other person that had faith would he not cause the flood. Nobody listened to Noah so God caused the flood.

When Noah and his family left the ark what did they do?

After Noah and his family left the ark, Noah built an alter where he offered burnt offerings to God. Then he and his family did as God told them ~ to " be fruitful and multiply; spread out over the earth and multiply on it." (Gen 8:7 HSBC). Noah was the first man to build a vinyard before he died at the ripe old age of 950. (Noah's life is described in the Bible in the book of Genesis, chapters 5-9.)

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