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Only "he" can answer that. I doubt you would get an honest answer if you asked. Your focus should be on finding someone who wants to spend time with you and create a new future

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What is guitar break up?

Guitar break up is when you are looking for a way to break up with someone and then googles random stuff concerning break up.

Why did aly and aj break up?

no they did not break up

Do Cody and baily break up in suite life on deck?

yes, they break up on Break up in Paris

What is a temporary break up?

Lol break up with him/her no point of temporary break up.. trust me its really stupid

When will Oliver and lily break up?

no they will never will break up

What is break up in Brazilian language?

To break up an object: partir, quebrar.To break up a relationship: terminar, separar.

Did Zayn Malik break up with Perrie Edwards?

No Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards did not break up.

Can HPV break up a relationship?

Anything can break up a relationship. What will break up a relationship depends on the two people involved.

When did Pangaea begin to break up?

when did pangaea begin to break up

Did Miranda Cosgrove break up with her boyfriend?

no she did not break up with her boyfriend.

Did Tom Felton and Jade break up?

No, they didn't break up.

When did the band kiss break up?

they never did break up. who said that?!

Did Selana and Justin break up?

No they did not break up they are happily in love

Did the r5 band break up?

no . they said they will never break up

What episode do Cody and bailey break up in?

They break up in "Break up in Paris". If you didn't see it when it aired, you can watch it on YouTube. :D

Did the gorillaz break up?

They're on a break.

How do you know if a girl wants to break up with you?

ask her if she wants to break up with you

Why did enrique Iglesias and Anna break up?

they did not break up they are still together

How do I get my son to break up with a girlfriend?

say "son break up with your girlfriend".

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