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Why did japan bring the US into world war 2?

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Japans airbombed Pearl Harbor

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How did japan bring the US into World War 2?

The Japanese bombed pearl harbor

What happened in Europe to finally bring the US into World War?

Germany declared war on the USA after Japan bombed Pearl harbor bringing the us into the war.

How did the US bring an end to the war against japan in the pacific?

The US ended the war by dropping two atom bombs on Japan.

Why did amrica bomb japan in World War 2?

Because America and Japan were at war- Japan having attacked the US, and declared war on the US.

Who did the US not declare war on in World War 2?

Germany, Italy and the other minor Axis nations. The only nation the US did declare war on was Japan, the day after Japan attacked the US Naval Base at Pearl Harbor. Three days after the US declared war on Japan, Germany and Italy declared war against the US. That was enough to bring about a state of war between the US and Germany and Italy. There was no need for Congress to declare war back.

What war did Japan attack the US?

World War 2. Japan Bombed Pearl Harbor.

What action did the US take to end the War in Japan?

The US used atomic weapons upon the two Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to bring the war with Japan to an end .

Why did the us wane to acquire japan?

The United States did not want to acquire japan. Japan wanted to expand, resulting in the war in the pacific in World War II. Even after the U.S. defeated japan in World War II, the US allowed Japan to maintain its sovereignty.

Why did the Japanese declare war on the US during World War 2?

Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, causing the US to declare war on Japan.

How did the US enter World War 2?

The US entered WW2 with the bombing of Pearl Harbor by Japan. As soon as we declared war on Japan Germany delcared war on the US. The Germans had an agreement with Japan.

In 1941 japan entered World War 2 when it invaded Pearl Harbor true or false?

This statement is true. Japan started the war with the United States when they attacked without warning and did not declare war on the US. Within days Germany declared war on the US and the US declared war on Japan. The US then entered World War 2 as well as Japan.

What was the relationship between the US and Japan like after World War 2?

The US occupied Japan and rebuilt it during the Korean War.

How much money did the US spend on Japan after World War 2?

The US spent about 61 billion dollars on the war with Japan

How did the US end world war 2 Japan?

Japan surrendered after the US dropped 2 atomic bombs on Japan.

When did us defeat japan in World War 2?

Japan gave up after Germany lost the war.

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