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Why did japan side with the axis?

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Japan did not side with the Axis intentionally. Japan wanted to expand its power in Asia and the Pacific. This brought it in conflict with Britain in Asia, and the United States in the Pacific. On the other side of the world Britain was fighting Germany but this fight had nothing to do with Japan. Russia, which was an ally with both Britain and the US did not declare war on Japan until after the bombing of Nagasaki in 1945.

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Which side of the war was Japan on?

Japan was on the Axis Powers side in World War II.

Was Japan on the Allies and Axis during World War 2?

Japan as on the Axis side during WWII.

Who was on the axis power side?

The main Axis Powers were Germany, Italy and Japan.

Which country on the axis side lost?

Germany, Italy and Japan

Which side was Germany on in World War 2?

Germany was on the Axis side with Italy and Japan

Which side was japan in World War 2?

Japan was part of the Axis, which included Italy and Germany.

Who was on the side of the Germans?

Japan, Italy and Germany were the main axis powers

What side in the war was Benito Mussolini?

Axis- along with Germany and Japan.

Who did japan side with in World War II?

Germany. They were Axis powers.

When world war ll began japan sided was?

Japan was on the Axis side, which included Germany and Italy.

What is the meaning of axis powers?

Germany, Italy and Japan and everyone else who was on their side.

Who was on the side of the axis powers during World War 2?

Germany, Italy, and Japan. They are the top three axis powers.

Was Japan allies or Axis?

Japan was an Axis power

Who was on the axis in World War 2?

the countries on the side of the axis were Germany, Italy, japan, Finland and other smaller European countries

When World War 2 began who did Japan side with?

The Axis Powers: Germany and Italy.

What side was japan on in ww1?

1. WW1-Allies 2. WWII-Axis

Who were Australia's allies and enemies?

Australia was on the side of the "allies" and the allies were the United States of America and Britain. Their enemies were people on the side of the "axis": Germany and Japan, although Japan was on the side of the Allies in WWI.

Who fought in the axis side of World War 2?

Germany, Japan, and Italy. Those are the biggest Axis Powers, but there were probably more lesser know countries that fought for the Axis

Which country was not on the winning side in World War 2?

It would be the Axis [Germany, Italy, and Japan].

What side was Japan on in World War 2?

If your talking about the second world war...then Japan was a part of the axis of evil which also included Germany and Italy.....hope that helpsGermany and Japan were allies and on the same side.

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