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He didn't.

John Kemp Starley is held as the inventor of the chain-driven bicycle.

But bicycles as such had been around for quite some time when he thought of his idea.

And he did it for the same reason as for any other invention. He thought it would make something more useful , and/or an opportunity to make some money out of it.

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Q: Why did john kemp starley invent the bike?
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When did JK Starley invent the two wheeled bike?

He didn't. There's a James Starley that improved on the Penny-Farthing AKA high-wheeler design of the bicycle, and a John Kemp Starley who invented the chain-driven bicycle. But things very similar to bicycles had been around for ages when these guys had their bright ideas.

When did John Kemp Starley die?

John Kemp Starley died in 1901.

What did john kemp starley invent?

He's often held to be the inventor of the modern"safety" bicycle.

Did James Starley invent the High Wheel Safety Bicycle?

First off the high wheel and the safety bicycle are two different kinds of bicycles. James Starley didn't invent the high-wheeler but he built them and improven on them. His nephew, John Kemp Starley, is usually considered the inventor of the Safety bicycle, with its chain drive and equally sized wheels.

Who is credited for developing the chain drive (chain and cog system) for bicycles?

This honor is usually given to John Kemp Starley

Who is credited for developing the chair drive for chain and cog system bicycles?

This honor is usually given to John Kemp Starley

Where did John Kemp Sarley invent the safety bike?

He invented it in Coventry. Subsequently he founded the Rover Safety Bicycle company which became a car manufacturer in the twentieth century

When was the safety bicycle invented?

The safety bike was different in that both wheels were the same size.

Who invented the safety bike?

The bicycle helmet was invented in the early 20th century. Racers began to use helmets formed of a ring of leather around the head and a wool ring above it.It was invented in Italy about 300 years ago C:1936

How old was kirkpatrick macmillan when he invented the bicycle?

No. John Kemp Starley is seen as the inventor of the modern, chain driven bicycle. But other kinds had been around for quite some time when he thought of that idea.

What has the author John Kemp written?

John Kemp has written: 'The philosophy of Kant'

When did John Kemp die?

John Kemp died on 1454-03-22.