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he was nervous that the government would catch him ND HURT HIM AND JEN

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Q: Why did luke change the subject when jen began talking about the rally in the book among the hidden?
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What are some books by Margaret Peterson?

If you were talking about Margaret Peterson Haddix, then:Running out of Timethe Among the Hidden seriesAmong the hidden is a great series the best series i have ever read!! Right now i am on the 6th book, Among the enemy. I finsished most of the books in a day or two. The series is Among the hidden, Among the impostors, Among the Betrayed, Among the Barons, Among the brave, Among the enemy and finally Among the Free.

When was Among the Hidden created?

Among the Hidden was created on 1998-03-01.

What is the ISBN of Among the Hidden?

The ISBN of Among the Hidden is 0-689-81700-2.

Foe among friend is hidden though?

Foe among friend is hidden though

How is among the hidden science fiction?

Among the Hidden is a dystopian science fiction novel by Margaret Peterson Haddix. Imagine a world where there is severe penalties for a third child. Third children are to be killed and anyone harboring them is also subject to death.

When was the book Among the Hidden by Margaret Peterson first published?

Among the Hidden was first published in 1998.

What are the major plot events in order in among the hidden?

In among the hidden, what are the major plot events in order?

What is the order for the series Among The Hidden by Haddax?

1) among the hidden 2) among the impostors 3) among the betrayed 4) among the barons 5) among the brave 6) among the enemy 7) among the free Hope this helps you!!!!!!!

Who likes being hidden the most in among the hidden?

noone likes being hidden, but Jen is glad she was a third child because she thought the rally would make the government change their mind, and she would be a hero, but nothing went as she planned.

Who is the antagonist in among the hidden?

The government

Where can you read among the hidden?

Among the Hidden is a novel Margaret Peterson Haddix. You could possibly be able to read it at your local library.

What rules or laws did they have in the book Among the Hidden?

In Among the Hidden, no one is allowed to have three children. If anyone has three children, they and the child are killed.