Why did many soldiers use a hand gun?

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Handguns were used in the first world war extensively because they were easier to wield in trench warfare.
Since then they have been primarily issued to troops who for confined space reasons would have trouble carrying a rifle. For example Armored crewmen, transport drivers, clerical personnel. Submachineguns are also commonly issued in many armies for these reasons.
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How many soldiers are in the US military?

Answer . Army 507,158\nNavy 347,693\nAir Force 347,352\nMarines 179,762\nTotal DOD 1,381,965\n. \nCoast Guard 41,002\nTotal Armed Forces 1,422,967\n. \nReserves 1,000,000\nParamilitary 53,000\nTotal for US Military 2,475,967

How many US soldiers are in Iraq?

T here are approximately 120,000 Soldiers currently in Iraq, we can not give an actual number because it could compromise operational security and become a significant issue for the Soldiers currently in Iraq (give or take a few thousand). Updated in 2011 - there were never more than 165K US Sold ( Full Answer )

How many soldiers are in the us army?

There are approximately 522,388 full-time Soldiers currently serving in today's Army defending and serving our nation by land, sea and air. Numbers will vary from day to day and it would not be proper to give out the exact amount of soldiers currently serving on Active or Reserve Duty in the Army, 1 ( Full Answer )

What guns did English soldiers use in World War 1?

SMLE Lee-Enfield . The SMLE (Short Magazine Lee-Enfield) rifle was the primary firearm carried by British soldiers during the First World War. It fired a .303 round from a stripper clip via a bolt action that allowed a well-trained soldier to fire "12 rounds, aimed" per minute. A classic Battl ( Full Answer )

How many soldiers does the US Army have?

The United States Army has been active since June 14, 1775. It has546,047 active personnel and 559,244 Reserve and National Guardpersonnel, for a total of 1,105,301 soldiers.

How do you use 45 hand gun?

Could you be a little more specific? Do you mean for what reason or do you mean how do you shoot it?

How many soldiers are in the US navy?

The generic term for individuals in the Navy is sailor. As of the end of August, 2007, the approximate total of Navy personnel (officer and enlisted) was around 338,000.

Why were hand guns used in ww1?

They were easier to carry.. They were only used as a second firearm and never a primary weapon. It is their last line of defence.

Can a non US permanent resident own a hand gun?

Generally speaking, yes, if you mean a US resident. Federal laws say "undocumented immigrants" cannot own guns. You probably want to check local state law to be sure there are no restrictions.

What kind of gun did soldiers mostly use in ww1?

Machine guns came into widespread use in WWI. These fired the standard rifle cartridge but featured heavy construction, elaborate mountings, and water cooling mechanisms that enabled heavy fire with excellent accuracy, but was too cumbersome to move quickly. The Maxim was the most used machine gun o ( Full Answer )

How many soldiers in a US army?

There are approximately 522,388 full-time Soldiers currently serving in today's Army defending and serving our nation by land, sea and air. Numbers will vary from day to day and it would not be proper to give out the exact amount of soldiers currently serving on Active or Reserve Duty in the Army, 1 ( Full Answer )

How much for a used 40 caliber beretta hand gun?

$300-$400 depending on condition and action-type.. I bought a used Beretta for $350 that is Double Action Only . It is probably not as valuable as a full Double/Single model. I really enjoy my Beretta.

What types of hand guns where used in the World War 2?

The allies standard was the Colt 45 while the Germans had Lugers. MistroJoe A more detailed answer is US: M1911 .45 ACP, Smith and Wesson Model 10 (Victory Model).38 UK and Commonwealth: Webley Mk IV .38, Browning Mk 2 .38 and Browning(Ingliss) Hi-Power 9mm Japan: Nambu 9mm Germany: Walt ( Full Answer )

What type of guns did us soldiers use in the Vietnam war?

1. US Soldiers & US Marines were armed with M14 service rifles until about 1967; at which time the former M16 "jungle rifle" was transitioning into the standard US Rifle for Vietnam only. After 1970, the M16 rifle became standard world wide for US forces; replacing the M14 rifle. M14 was .308 calibe ( Full Answer )

Can a left handed person use a right handed gun?

no not really but it is possible :p . Left handed people use "right handed" guns all the time since there are very few left handed guns. . Most of the issues are related to magazine release, slide stop, safety, and ejection....but some guns have a left hand oriented grip or stock. . What type of ( Full Answer )

Did the us soldiers have better guns than the German soldiers?

In World War 2, no, not necessarily better in terms of quality and performance, but US guns were simpler, and US industry could produce more of them. German factories worked by slave labor had trouble supplying the German Army with enough guns. In comparing the US M1 Garand rifle with the German G ( Full Answer )

Did soldiers have hand held guns in the 1500s?

Yes, they used both pistols and rifles. The pistols were flint lock and took some time to reload, also they had something much like a sixshooter. The rifles wich were also flint lock were almost as long as the shooter himself and took a long time to reload this is why many soldiers preferred a cross ( Full Answer )

How many hand guns are made in the us a day?

The most current year that data is available for is 2005. In that year, US manufacturers produced 1,088,827 handguns. Not quite 3,000 per day. That does not count handguns that are made outside the US and imported. Nor does it count handguns that are legally made by a private citizen for their own u ( Full Answer )

What guns did the soldiers use in the ANZAC war?

Although Army units designated ANZAC exist today, I think you mean when they were first formed- about 1915. The basic rifle used by the soldiers from the Australian and New Zealand Army corps was the .303 caliber SMLE- Short Magazine Lee Enfield. See link below:

How many different types of hand guns are there?

This question is hard to answer because it needs to be more specific. Are you asking how many operating types of handguns? Such as revolvers, semi automatic, single shot, muzzle loader, etc? Or are you asking how many models, of all guns, of all companies ever? Or another type of question altogether ( Full Answer )

How many soldiers fired gun to Jose Rizal?

four from the firing squad and, after he fell to the ground, 1 mercy shot on his side pointed diagonally to the heart. 5 shots from 5 soldiers.

What kind of soldier uses a gun with a stand or support underneath?

What type of solider... there are several. You would seem to be referring to a machine gun, mounted on a tripod. Aside from machine gun teams in infantry units, they'll be used by several other personnel.. helicopter crewmen, military police.. even cooks may be assigned them.

Can you use a hand gun to hunt?

Laws vary from place to place, but in many places, handguns that meet minimum energy levels CAN legally be used for hunting. There are handguns that were specifically made for hunting, such as the .454 Casul, .460 Ruger, .500 S&W- as well as the single shot pistols that use rifle caliber ammo. I dee ( Full Answer )

What guns did amereican soldiers use in World War 2?

Colt M1911 pistol, 11.65x23 (.45 ACP) Winchester M1897 shotgun Winchester Model 12 shotgun Thomson M1928, M1, M1A1 submachinegun, 11.65x23 (.45 ACP) Reising submachinegun, 11.65x23 (.45 ACP) United Defense M42 submachinegun, 9x19 M1 carbine, 7.62x33 (.30 US carbine) M1 Garand, 7.62x63 ( Full Answer )

How many US soldiers are in Iran?

0 US soldiers are in Iran presently and the US does not have diplomatic relations with Iran since 1979. Maybe you meant Iraq? There are 44,000 U.S. troops in Iraq.

Should hand guns be allowed in the US?

Your question asks for an opinion. My opinion is that they should. When private possession of firearms goes up, crime decreases.

How many hand guns are bigger than the 40 MM hand gun?

A 40mm handgun would fire a bullet the size of a golf ball. No such critter. There IS a .40 caliber handgun (about 10mm). There are dozens of larger caliber handguns than .40 caliber. They include the .41, .44. .45, .455. .460, .475, .500- and several others.

What kind of gun did moroccan soldiers use?

Depends on what era. Currently, they used AK variants such as theType 56, AIM, MISR, etc., M16 variants, the FN FAL, the FN FNC, andthe G36.

What happened to the Gun John Wayne used in The Horse Soldiers?

I can't give you an absolute answer, but I can give you 1000 to 1 odds it was a standard studio prop gun that he never saw again after the filming of the movie. Wayne - and other actors - frequently had the same horse from one film to the next, but the guns are from the prop department.

What hand gun uses 7.62mm rounds?

2 different pistols that use 7.62mm ammunition are the Czech-made CZ-52 and the German-made Mauser C96. Many other pistols use variations of the 7.62mm round, but the two listed before utilize true 7.62mm rounds.

Can you use break cleaner spray to clean a hand gun?

With out a doubt yes.I use this or carb cleaner from cnc all the time to clean my many firearms.They take away the carbon build up with ease and then I follow with a good gun oil like rem oil.

How many types of hand guns are there?

Hundreds. They are generally separated into revolvers and pistols (anything not a revolver) But then it becomes complex. There are different types of revolvers, such as single action, double action, top break, tip up, swing out cylinder, etc. There are single shot pistols that are top break, and bol ( Full Answer )

Why do soldiers us guns?

Because they are the best source of weapon and most easiest, someone could invent something else but because guns are fast and deadly soldiers use them for the best weapon! :D

How much for a used 350 hand gun?

350 handgun? This isn't ringing a bell. Please rephrase the question with a specific make and model of handgun you're interested in. The calibre really does little to determine the going price, except in cases where the cartridge is unique to one or a very limited selection of firearms.

How many lrichardsno6 hand guns where made?

L. Richards was a maker of antique flintlock firearms, such as their No. 6 pistol. Unfortunately, they are fairly rare, and there is no public records database for MOST antique firearms. Sorry.

What was the gun used by soldiers in the civil war?

Most Union soldiers carried the muzzle loading, percussion cap, Springfield rifle. The Confederates used the Enfield, which was very similar. Later in the war, other rifles were employed, the breach loading Sharps, the seven-shot Spencer, and the Henry lever-action cartridge firing repeater.

Will policemen and soldiers use laser guns?

Possibly. Laser weapons have been made already, but they're not cheap, reliable, or portable to use. Interestingly, lasers could turn out to be safer than traditional guns. But in the end, the only safe kind of gun is. No. Gun. At. All.

What guns do Iranian soldiers use?

Interestingly, because they used to be friends with Israel before the 1979 revolution, they have Israeli made Uzis. They are obviously phasing them out now, because Israel is a country they wish to destroy. Irony on a golden platter.