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mum is a weird word :) hahahahahahahhaha


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Q: Why did media keep mum about Rajivbhai's death?
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What does keep mum mean?

"Mum" is another word for silent.

Where does a monkey keep its young?

where ever the mum is because it follows the mum

What does be like dad keep mum mean?

It was a poster in put up around England during the war - keep mum means keep quiet.

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No, she was not.

What happens when you mum leaves the kitchen?


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No one knows how old Cleopatra was when her mum died. We don't even know who her mum was, let alone her death date.

What is a palindrome for 'to be silent'?

Mum (e.g. to keep mum on a subject) Gag (e.g. to gag someone to prevent them from speaking)

How do you tell your mum you dont like what she got you?

if u dont like what your mum got u say "mum this isn't really what I wanted but I'll keep it" and then they say thanku

Can you keep babys in with mum an dad ferrets?

No, if you were to separate the mum from the others she would not eat the babies but kept in with the dad she would eat them.

What rhymes with jarjum?

Become, green thumb, succumb, keep mum

What famous arena did gladiators fight to death in during 80 AD?

ya mum

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you have to bottle feed it every 2-4 hours and best to keep away from it's mum for a month.