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The Whippet first appeared in England from carefully selected crosses of small English greyhounds and certain terriers. The "Snap Dog" was a favourite of Welsh coal miners who relied on their pets to capture fresh meat for the dinner table.

The breed's distinct advantages in its swiftness, quietness and earlier small size did not go unnoticed by poachers who would hide the Whippet under their coats away from the warden's suspicious eye and then sneak them onto the king's grounds to hunt.

The miners first began competitive racing with the Whippet, dubbing it "The Poor Man's Race Horse." An entire week's wages might ride on the speed of the family hearth dog.

A fast dog then was money in the pocket and special pride to the one who owned him.

They were imported into Ireland not long after were a rich tradition of going to the dog track races still exists today.

These links may help you to understand more about the whippet and the racing it does.

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Q: Why did men have dogs called whippets in Ireland in the 1800s?
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