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because they wanted a peaceful life and good food

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Why did people become monks in the middle ages?

because they wanted to have a peaceful life

How did people become monks in the middle ages?

They simply joined an Order and took their vows.

What did monks wear as shoes?

Monks wear saddles in the middle ages.

When did monks exist in the middle ages?

The most common dates for the Middle Ages are 476 to 1453 AD. There were monks throughout the whole period.

How did the crusades effect the monks in the middle ages?

it actually helped the monks achieve zen

Who made illuminated letters?

by monks in middle ages

Were there monks in the middle ages?

There were lots and lots of monks in the Middle Ages. Nuns, too. Roger Bacon was a famous monk of the period, and Hildegard of Bingen was a famous nun.

Why were monasteries so important in the Middle Ages?

They were important because this was where ,the monks did their prayers to the god. It is a devoted place where the monks gave up their regular life to become religious.

What was the role of monks and nuns in the middle ages?

the role of monks and nuns were to help and teach students.

When was illuminated lettering used?

It was used in the middle ages by monks!

What did monks eat for breakfast in the Middle Ages?

The vast majority of monks in the Middle Ages were Benedictines. Benedictines were forbidden by the Rule of St. Benedict to eat anything before mid-day.

During the Middle Ages books were first written by what?

During the Middle Ages the monks were the people who preserved books and wrote books. The population of the Middle Ages couldn't read or write and there were really no schools for them to go to. Monks spent years creating and copying books. One of the great books that was done in this time was the Book of Kells.

Why were the first organized schools set up in the middle ages?

Organized schools were not set up in the middle ages. The middle ages was a time of no learning or study. About 90% of the people couldn't read or write and those who did were nobles who had been taught by monks.

Where did nuns live in the middle ages?

In an nunnery. Monks lived in Monerstrys.

Why were monks frustrated in the early middle ages?

because they were not treated with respect.

Did Monks teach in the school in the middle ages?

Not all monks taught in schools during the Middle Ages as not all monasteries had schools. However, many communities did operate what would be called schools today.

Why are cathedrals big?

Cathedrals were big in the middle ages, as the people of the town doated money to the monks to contribute to building their cathedrals so that the monks could pray for them, they were also big to hold all of the monks inside it.

How did the monks and nuns improve life in the middle ages?

Monks and nuns contributed to the Middle Ages in many ways. One way was to care for the sick and poor. Another way was to build schools and teach at schools.

Where did monks work in the Middle Ages?

In monasteries, churches, and sometimes as tutors for the nobles.

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