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Why did people come to the New World?


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People came to the New World for several reasons.

  • Religious Freedom -- many countries came to find land to practice their religion.
  • Land -- many farmers came for new land that was waiting for them.
  • Money -- many people thought that in America, you walked on money.
  • Work -- in many countries, you wouldn't work so they came to work where they wanted.
  • Peace -- some countries were in war so people would come to escape the war.
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Because people are willing to find a new life for their children.

Some people wanted to come to the new world to get out from under the rule of the queen. Others came to the new world for a better and new opportunity.

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The first people came from East Africa according to the 6th grade Social Studies book; Louisiana Edition THE WORLD. Page 12.

The pilgrims came to the New World to get out from under the king's rule.

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