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Q: Why did people not believe Dr goldberger when he found what caused pellagra?
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Why didn't people believe Dr Goldberger's conclusion about the case of pellagra?

because they thought it was caused by a bacteria(germs) or either a bug or insect

Why didn't people believe Dr. Goldberger's conclusion about the cause of pellagra?

the people say that the cause of pellagra is insectsor bacteria not dr.goldbergers said that its lack of niacin

What evidence did Dr. Goldberger find that suggested that pellagra was not caused by germs?

The evidence was that poor people were the only ones who were getting Pellagra. Because of their poor diet.

What did Joseph Goldberger do to provide evidence of the relationship between pellagra and nutrition?

Joseph Goldberger, a physician in the U.S. government's Hygienic Laboratory, the predecessor of the National Institutes of Health, discovered the cause of pellagra and stepped on a number of medical toes when his research experiments showed that diet and not germs (the currently held medical theory) caused the disease.

What was the first step in Dr Goldberger's research into pellagra?

Looking at the southern people's diet and how it was a horrible diet, which made him think that pellagra is caused by a lack of nutrition

What did people think caused pellagra 4 answer?

people of the south thought pellagra was caused by eating corn, or that it was a contagious disease carried by insects or bacteria. Pellagra is caused by lack of certain diets, but people in america don't have to worry about it today, because all the vitamins used to prevent pellagra are in flour.

What do you think about Dr. Goldberger’s decision to experiment on people?

What do you think about Dr. Goldberger’s decision to experiment on people?

What is the disease caused by the lack of vitamin B3 and vitaminC?

It slows down in the body's metabolism, making people feel the cold more. Severe deficiency causes pellagra. The name 'pellagra' comes from Italian for 'rough skin'

What is is the pellagra squad?

People in a group

Is pellagra contagious?

If your talking about the skin disease from the lack of vitamin c this is not contagious. People would get it because the didn't eat a good diet. Now not that many people get pellagra because people eat better even though its hard to believe with all those fast food restaurants

Who is at risk of pellagra?

Over weight people with poor diet.

How many people die from pellagra each year?