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People supported the chateau clique because they wanted more power.

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People supported the chateau clique in Qing China because they were seen as a conservative faction promoting traditional Confucian values and social hierarchy. They championed the power and authority of the emperor and resisted Western influences and reforms, appealing to those who opposed modernization and wanted to maintain the status quo.

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Q: Why did people support the chateau clique?
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Why did the chateau clique not want to change the government?

People in the chateau clique didn't want the government to change because they would be affected immensely by it.

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What differences are there between the Chateau Clique and the Family Compact?

Chateau Clique is in Lower Canada but Family Compact is in Upper Canada.

What kind of problems did the chateau clique face?

No body liked the Chateau clique. They were taking land away from the Habitants and they took farmland.

What is the 'Chateau Clique'?

The Chateau Clique is a group of nobles or wealthy individuals who hold influence and power within a particular social circle or community. They are often known for their exclusivity and tendency to gather at prestigious events or locations.

Who were the family compact of 1830?

they were just like the chateau clique. look that up.

What group controlled the Legislative and Executive Councils in Lower Canada?

The Chateau Clique.

Who was the leader of chateau clique?

I'm pretty sure it was L.J.Papineau. the guy known for the mohawk.

What was the Chateau Clique members daily life like?

Their life was really hard and unenjoyable

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