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The Clique Book Series

What are all the Clique terms?


LBR: Loser Beyond Repair

EW: Eternal Wannabe

OCD: Octavian Country Day

HART: Hawt, Alpha, Rich, Toned

GLU: Girls Like Us

C-MINUS: Without a Crush


MOPC: Member of the Pretty Committee

GEE: Girl Everyone Envies

GABB: Gossip and Big Boobs

ADD: Abner Doubleday Day

ADM: Ay dios mío

APPLE-C: The shortcut for copy on a Mac.

AY-SAP: Alternate spelling of ASAP.

BADS: Body Alive Dance Studio

BFF: Best Friends Forever, Boy Fast Forever, Best Friends First

CLAM: Cute, Loyal, Athletic, Middle-class.

Ehmagawsh: Oh my gosh.

ESP: Emotional Sensitivity Pow-wows.

FBFFs: Claire's Florida Best Friends Forever

MUCK: Massie's Underground Clinic for Kissing.

OCDiva: High-maintenance alphas.

PMS: Presbyterian Middle School.

POTI: Pretty on the Inside.

POTO: Pretty on the Outside.

The Clique Book Series

What is the clique series in order?

1: The Clique (May 2004)

2: Best friends for Never(October 2004)

3:Revenge of the Wannabes (March 2005)

4:Invasion of the Boy Snatchers (October 2005)

5:Pretty Commitee Strikes Back (March 2006)

6:dial L for Loser (August 21 2006)

7:Its Not Easy Being Mean (March 7th 2007)

8:Sealed with a Diss(July 2007)

9:Bratfest at Tiffany's (Febuary 5th 2008)

10. P.S. I Loath you

The Clique Book Series

What does tpc stand for?

The Pretty Committee.

The Clique Book Series

What is the clique series about?

Massie Block is happily ruling her fabulous clique at her exclusive Westchester middle school when LBR (Loser Beyond Repair) Claire Lyons moves into the Block's guesthouse and turns Massie's perfect world upside down.

The Clique Book Series

How many chapters are in The Clique?

The book doesn't have chapters. It just has guidelines to tell you where the girls are and what day it is in the book. They also have about 13 books and more is coming out in February 2009.

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The Clique Book Series

Will Alphas by Lisi Harrison become a movie?

No clue yet. We all hope so.

The Clique Book Series

When does the last clique book come out?

February 15th, 2011.

The Clique Book Series

What is Massie Block's diet in The Clique books?

Massie will do anything to keep her petite figure. To look like her, you must keep to a diet.

1) She never eats anything creamy. It is way too fattening. Instead, she sticks to tomato based sauces.

2) She doesn't have second helpings on anything. She eats the right portion for every meal. If you don't know what your portion is, look at your fist. Teenagers should have portions that are the size of 2 of your fists.

3) Don't snack on junk. If anything, don't snack at all.

4) She works out. Not only that, but she is in shape. She doesn't do 20 sit-ups, and then call it good for the rest of the day. She exercises any time she can. Another tip to look like her: Drink 1 cup of low-fat chocolate milk after an intense workout while your heart rate is still up. It helps boost up your metabolism.

5) She always eats like a vegetarian at fast food places. The meat at McDonald's doesn't really help her diet. Try eating veggie burgers if they have them. I know Burger King does. And don't even think about even touching a french fry.

6) Everyone says that as long as it is a salad it is so healthy. Well if you call healthy having your salad drowning in fattening ranch dressing, then you are delusional. Always stick to vinaigrettes, and ask to have light dressing. Always try to get dressing on the side if you must.

7) Don't ever talk about your diet.

The Clique Book Series

What is the climax in Bratfest at Tiffanys?

The climax in bratfest at tiffanys is when Massie kicks Alicia out of The Pretty Committee.

The Clique Book Series

What is Claire's real name from my wife and kids?

Jennifer Freeman

The Clique Book Series

What type of dog is that in the movie The Clique?

A black pug named Bean=)

The Clique Book Series

What are positive aspects of cliques?

I know from reading them all that some girls could get the wrong idea and take this as a chance for everlasting popularity. However, when I read them I think, "Seriously?? You would do that?!" I take the books as a way to make sure I'm not like the Pretty Committee (or even the Witty Committee). When I read them I realize how lucky I am NOT to be like Massie, Alicia, Dylan, Kristen or even Claire. I learnt that from reading these books I can make sure I'm not like them yet still maintain a group of friends that I know are nice and I can always count on. But a little style now and then never hurt anybody!! :)

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The Clique Book Series

What is massie block's mom's name from The Clique?

Kendra Block

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The Clique Book Series

Does Elizabeth McLaughlin have a Twitter?

Yes. Its is @BzMclaughlin

The Clique Book Series

What car does Massie Block ride in?

A shiny black Range Rover with silver/chrome accents (handles, emblem, etc...) it's where her and her PC hangout and it's ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS spotless on the inside and is stocked with a mini-fridge and Isacc- her driver

The Clique Book Series

What traits do Massie Block have?

Massie Block- The one, the only alpha. She is the "alpha" of the clique that goes by the Pretty Comittee. Alpha is top status-leader. The people under her, that are in her clique, are her "betas". Betas- are the alpha's followers, the ones who give her her power and confidence, but follow her lead. Massie's betas are Dylan, Alicia, Kristen, and the off and on Claire. All of those who arent in her clique, are "LBR's" (loser beyond repair).speaking of "alpha" "beta"and "LBR" massie and her clique have their own lingo. ex: instead of "amazing" its "ah-mazing". instead of "Oh my Gosh" its "Ehmagawd". etc. to cut to the chase, ill make a list of traits:

  • CONFIDENCE CONFEDENCE Massie is always appering to be confident. She never shows negative emotion. She keeps her "class" and vents through a Starbucks and bubblebath at home.
  • EH-MA-EW? Massie and her clique have their own specific lingo. If your not apart fo the PC (pretty comittee) then your are NAWT able to speak it.
  • DE$IGNER WITH A CAPITOL $$$ Massie and her PC (with the exception of Kristen) are all super rich. They get what they want on command.
  • XOXO MASSIE BUH-LOCK She always has her own signature: from her perfume to her color, if its consistant, its yours. Massie's signature scent is Chanel No.19 her color is purple and her jewelry is her golden charm braclet.
  • LOOKS MEAN EH-VAH-RY-THING She and her PC rate eachothers outfits eh-va-ry-day from 1-10 to make sure they don't go LBR on theyre private school of people that look up to them.
  • DID I INVITE YOU TO MY BBQ? Massie always always always has comebacks ready to launch. Most of which consist of "Are you..." "no" "Then..." ex: "Did I invite you to my BBQ?" "no" "Then why are you all up in my grill?" burrrn...
  • ORGANIZE YOUR SOCIAL LIFE Massie is ALWAYS in the know when it comes to school. Her main source of gossip occurs at her Friday night sleepovers from her gossip feed Alicia. Another girl in her clique who contributes to the gossip section (one of the most important!)

As you can tell, Massie is pretty unique in her own way. She has many many many insecuritys and never lets them show. She spends late nights in her escape paradise of a bedroom and listens to her confidence CD. (And nawt even, she would never let anybody know!)

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The Clique Book Series

Why did Lisi Harrison created the novel The Clique?

== == When she worked at MTV, she was inspired by how all of the people who worked there strived to be "in", and it reminded her of middle school. Thus, the Clique books were born. She wrote the first two books while working at MTV, then she quit and decided to write full-time.

The Clique Book Series

What is Alicia Rivera's favorite color?


The Clique Book Series

Is the tale of two pretties going to be the last clique book?

Yes, sadly it is. IT comes out Febuary 15th 2011

The Clique Book Series

What does Massie Block wear in the summer time?

Massie wears lots of clothes that show her off, to stand out, in a good way.

Mini Skirts





Big Sunglasses


Designer Flipflops

Bikini's are a must

Anything purple really

She makes it look effortless

The Clique Book Series

What reading level is the clique?

It is aimed towards twelve year olds or seventh graders, I am not sure which level this is

The Clique Book Series

Is massie block a real person?

She is not a real person. She is a character in a book.

The Clique Book Series

Who is connor foley?

he isn't real. he's just one of lisi harrison's made up characters in the series "the clique".

The Clique Book Series

How do you talk like Massie Block?

Use words that she frequently says:









You can also use the comebacks that she uses.

Some of her comebacks are:

Do you think I sell fertilizer?

Then why do you think i give a crap?

Did i invite you to my BBQ?

Then why are you all up in my grill?

Are you a boob?

Then why are you just hangin'?

Is my name V?

Then why would I follow U?

Are you a female dog?

Then why are you acting like a bitch

Are you a pimple?

THen why are you all covered up

Did I invite you to my BBQ?

Then why are you up in my grill

Read the series and you can find ah-lawt more!

Use a very sassy attitude or tone! Always look confident ... like you know what you want, and you're determined to get it! That's the most important thing!

The Clique Book Series

Who is the antagonist in the clique?



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