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Why did people support the elimination of Jews?


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October 18, 2008 8:16PM

The vast majority of Germans were either ambivalent towards Jews or against the mistreatment of the Jews. It was a strong vocal minority of people that were anti-semitic in Germany, but there has always been anti-semitism in Europe, especially in the East European countries, including Russia. Most Germans wanted to be left alone and did their best to get along with the totalitarian regime that was the Nazi state - where the Gestapo was omnipresent. Anyone dared criticize the mistreatment of the Jews or Communists risked being sent to a concentration camp. I had family that lived in Germany at the time, and it wasn't paradise - believe me! It was a total police state with no civil liberties after 1936! Note The above helps to explain why the Nazi regime did its utmost to hush up the Holocaust. They knew it did not enjoy popular support.