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Why did people support the elimination of Jews?

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The vast majority of Germans were either ambivalent towards Jews or against the mistreatment of the Jews. It was a strong vocal minority of people that were anti-semitic in Germany, but there has always been anti-semitism in Europe, especially in the East European countries, including Russia. Most Germans wanted to be left alone and did their best to get along with the totalitarian regime that was the Nazi state - where the Gestapo was omnipresent. Anyone dared criticize the mistreatment of the Jews or Communists risked being sent to a concentration camp. I had family that lived in Germany at the time, and it wasn't paradise - believe me! It was a total police state with no civil liberties after 1936! Note The above helps to explain why the Nazi regime did its utmost to hush up the Holocaust. They knew it did not enjoy popular support.

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Why did Hitler target the jews for elimination?

Hitler target the Jews for elimination since he believed that they were responsible for most of the events in the world that affected his country. This was also a way of showing how powerful he was.

What were policies of the Nazis towards the Jews?

exclusion, repression, segregation and elimination.

Why did the Nuremberg laws exist?

To forbid the Jews from joining the army - Nazi Propaganda. It was part of the gradual elimination of the Jews.

Whose side are the Jews on Israeli or Arab?

The vast majority of Jews support the State of Israel. There is a vocal minority, however, who support the Arabs. Jews, like any group, are not monolithic and there are as many opinions as there are people.

The Nazis used this term to refer to the elimination of the Jews or other groups.?

final solution

What was the relationship of the ghetto to the rest of the Holocaust?

The Ghettos was place where people, Mostly jews was putted to starved to death and the rest of the holocause mainly the concentration camps killed people, Mostly jews. So the relation between the Holocaust and Ghettos is that Jews was killed in both of these areas ________________________ The ghettos were a kind of holding place or waiting room. Before the elimination of the Jews was considered, they were segregated and put into ghettos. Following the invasion of the Soviet Union the ghettos became too crowded, this led to the need for drastic action, ie. elimination, which became the Holocaust.

Who did not support Nazis?


Did all Germans support hittlers plan to exterminate the Jewish people?

No some helped hide the Jews

What did people think about Shakespearean Jews?

People think they are Jews of course dummy JEWS JEWS JEWS

What is the true fact of Hitler wanting to kill the Jews?

Yes. Hitler wanted to exterminate the Jewish people. This is a true fact. He created a massive network of death camps, concentration, camps, work camps, and ghettos designed for systematic elimination of the Jews and other Undesirables.

Do people support today what Hitler did to the Jews?

Generally, no people do not support Hitlers actions.There are however some groups of people who deny any thing did happen and claim the holocaust is propaganda. There are also neo-nazi groups that support what Hitler and the nazi party did during WW II.

Names for people who are not Jews?

Gentiles are people who are not Jews

What term did the Nazis use to refer to the extermination of the Jews?

The Final Solution [of the Jewish question].Final Solution was the term used y the Nazis to refer to the elimination of the Jews, but not of other groups.

Why was Hitler focusing so much attention on the elimination of the Jews?

because there huge noses where harming his huge collection of balloons

Who else was targeted by Hitler for elimination?

The question is missing something so a short list:JewsHomosexualsRomany or Gypsies

What was Hitlers final solution-?

Hitler's stated "Final solution" was the elimination of Jews. [It comes from 'The Final Solution to the Jewish question'].

How many people are in the elimination chamber?

6 OR 8

Did Jews support the Nazi party?

The Nazis wanted to kill all the Jews, naturally the Jews were not eager to help them in any way.

Did all the people hate the Jews?

All the people can't hate the Jews. The Jews are 'people' and they don't hate themselves.

What group they did not support he committed genocide against?


What are the different kinds of elimination in intramural?

the different kinds of elimination is a single elimination and a double elimination

What are non Jews?

People who aren't Jews

How many people do the Jews worship?

The Jews do not worship ANY people. Worshipping people is a violation of Jewish law. Jews only worship God.

The largest group of victims murdered by the Nazis in the Holocaust?

The largest group was the Jews. They were targeted for total and speedy elimination and about 6 million were slaughtered.

What was Hitler's ultimate goal in launching World War 2?

Boundless expansion and the elimination of Bolshevism. (He saw the Jews as the 'biological carriers' of Communism.