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Most people tried to kill him as an act of revenge.


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Emperor Qin was the Emperor of the first dynasty the Qin Dynasty but his real name was Ying Zheng people called him Qin Shi Huang Shi Huang means first emperor

According to reliable sources, qin shi huang was 5'11.

Qin Shi Huang was the founder of Qin dynasty in China. He was the emperor of Qin dynasty from 220-210 BC. He died in 210 BC.

Qin Shi Huang had 11 children. There were 4 sons and 7 daughters.

the emperor Qin Shi Huang {pronounced:Chin Shee Huang} was very weak and fell to the emperor Chu.

Qin Shi Huang build with his armies . He used gravel(mixture of stones and sands).

Qin Zhu has written: 'Huang xiang ace'

Of course. Qin Shi Huang was the "First Great Emperor of China."

Emperor Qin Shi Huang died on September 10, 210 BC (Julian Calendar) during a tour of Eastern China.

Emperor Qin Shi Huang died on 10 September 210 BCE.

The Qin Dynasty was the first in Chinese history. Qin Dynasty: lasted from 221 BC to 206 BC. There were two Emperors that ruled during these 15 years. Emperor Qin Shi Huang was the first Emperor in the history of China (You could consider him to be a very 'famous' person). Emperor Hu Hai ruled after Qin Shi Huang before the people overthrew the dynasty in an uprising.

The full name of Qin Shi-huang (秦始皇) is Ying Zheng, Ying is the family name and Zheng is the given name. Qin Shi-huang is his address to avoid calling disrespectfully by the name. The address has two parts: name of the dynasty, which is Qin (秦) in this case; special title for the emperor, here is Shi-huang (始皇), means 'the first emperor'.

Qin Shihuangdi or Qin Shi Huang Di he was the frist emperor of China

Qin Shi Huang di - The man responsible for the construction of the Great Wall of China

Qin Shi Huang was born in China some where but I can't tell you which part. Another thing that might be helpful is that he was a cruel ruler and would kill or hurt and people who disagreed with him and his ideas. He was born in 260 BC ( before Christ ).

Emperor Qin Shi had no Empress. He was upset by his mother's behavior and trusted no woman.

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Seven smaller states in Eastern China. Qin Shi Huang Di unified the seven warring states into one nation, governed by him.

Well Qin Shi Huang wanted to build these life sized clay figures because he thought that if he built these clay statues he would be protected in the after life.

Qin Shi Huang was the first emperor of the Qin Dynasty. He ruled Chine from 220 to 210 BC. The Qin Dynasty is considered the first unified state in China's history.

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