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Why did pharaohs become pharaohs?


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Egypt needed people to rule them.


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THey became Pharaohs by family, it gets past down by oldest to youngest.

They became pharaohs by being the old pharaoh's oldest son with the birthright.

The best answer would probably be Egypt.

The pharaoh believed that he was the sun god's son.

the family line would pass to them I THINK

you would need to be in the pharaohs family

* In order to become Pharaoh you had to be in the Royal family. The next in line was heir to the Throne. * Pharaohs were the highest in the government

i think who had the most money who became gods

There were only 2 Pharaohs named Ramesses.

Pharaohs were much like the later kings of Europe, who inherited the title from their fathers and mothers. Occasionally the death of a Pharaoh, or a political or military conflict, would result in a new pharaoh from among the families of the hierarchy.

during the middle and new kingdom. :)

To become a pharaoh you had to have been born into the blood line of a previous ruler. Or depose a ruler to become the next ruler.

Pharaohs was born in Egypt. It depends on which Pharaohs

The Pharaohs of Egypt took power of the country after the death of the ruling Pharaoh.

The maiden was Pharaohs daughter, she became his foster mother.

Pharaohs do not live in pyramids. Pyramids are tombs for the Pharaohs of Egypt. Pharaohs did not live in pyramids they where buried in them after they died.

The possessive form of the plural noun pharaohs is pharaohs'.The possessive noun phrase is: the pharaohs' mummies.

Being a famous Craftsman can help you become wealthy.

Pharaohs were put into tombs with their belongings. Prominent Pharaohs were put into Pyramids.

what did the pharaohs gave control of

The Pharaohs was created in 1962.

No. Most, but not all, Pharaohs were male. For example, Cleopatra and Nefertiti were Pharaohs.

they embalmed the bodies of pharaohs so that the pharaohs had their body for the afterlife

That is the correct spelling of the plural noun "pharaohs" (rulers of ancient Egypt).pharaohs

Pharaohs thrones were placed in their tombs so that they could become a ruler in the afterlife.

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