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Thomas Becket died there.

That's where his grave is.

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What month did the pilgrims go to Canterbury?

it is not good

Why are the pilgrims going to Canterbury in the story Canterbury Tales?

to go to Saint Thomas Becket at Canterbury Catherdral

When was The Canterbury Pilgrims created?

The Canterbury Pilgrims was created in 1917.

In The Canterbury Tales where are the pilgrims going?

To Canterbury.

Who were the pilgrims in Canterbury Tales?

All of the characters mentioned in the Canterbury Tales are considered Pilgrims.

How many pilgrims went to Canterbury?

24 of Geoffrey Chaucer's pilgrims went to Canterbury

Where are the pilgrims traveling to in The Canterbury Tales?

The Pilgrims are traveling to the Shrine of Saint Thomas in Canterbury.

Why did the pilgrims go to Canterbury?

There is a large shrine to Thomas a Becket at Canterbury - one of the most important British saints.

Where are the pilgrims headed in the Tale Of Canterbury Tales?

The Pilgrims are going to visit the Shrine of Saint Thomas in Canterbury.

In The Canterbury Tales where in England were the pilgrims from?

In The Canterbury Tales, the pilgrims were coming from London, England and traveling to Canterbury, England to visit the shrine of Thomas a Becket.

When do people go on a pilgrimage?

people go on pilgrims so that their sins would be forgiven. if you want to read a poem about pilgrims then I suggest The Canterbury Tales!

What did the pilgrims plan to do in The Canterbury Tales?

You may need to read the book again. There are no pilgrims in the Canterbury Tales. Canterbury Tales was written in the 14th century by Geoffrey Chaucer.

What was the pilgrims prize in The Canterbury Tales?

a dinner paid by the other pilgrims.

The pilgrims are traveling to Canterbury because?

Pilgrims traveled to Canterbury as a religious journey. Canterbury was an important religious site in England for many centuries. It is one of the themes of the writings of Geoffrey Chaucer.

Did the pilgrims ride on horses to Canterbury?


Where were Geoffrey Chaucer pilgrims going?


Why did the pilgrims walk to Canterbury church?

instrument miller

When did the pilgrims begin their journey in The Canterbury Tales?


What are all the characters in The Canterbury Tales?

They're pilgrims

When did the pilgrims meet in The Canterbury Tales?

southwark i believe.

Who suggest to the pilgrims that they exchange tales to pass the time in The Canterbury Tales to Canterbury and back to London?

the host

When were Canterbury Tales written?

The Canterbury tales were written in the end of the 14th century by Geoffrey Chaucer. The Canterbury tales is a story about the travels of a group of pilgrims.

In the story Canterbury Tales how many pilgrims were there?

There were 29 pilgrims and 30 if you include Chaucer, the reporter/ Narrator.

The pilgrims agree to tell tales during the journey to?


What is the destination of the pilgrims in The Canterbury Tales?

The shrine of Thomas a Becket

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