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Publishers Clearing House may send a winner's affidavit notarization notice to verify the identity of the potential winner and ensure that the prize is awarded to the correct individual. This process is common in sweepstakes to prevent fraud and confirm that the winner meets all eligibility requirements. You should follow the instructions in the notice to complete the affidavit and provide any additional documentation needed to claim your prize.

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Q: Why did publishers clearing house send me a winners density notarization notice?
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Does PCH notify winners by phone?

Publishers Clearing House NEVER contacts by phone!

Why is the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes say a month for the winner hurry by the deadline then it keeps going on and on?

I think the 10,000.000 sweepstakes for publishers clearing house is phony. I have only seen million dollar winners.

When was the last Publishers Clearing House 1000000.00 raffle award provided?

As of 2021, Publishers Clearing House has not provided a $1,000,000 raffle award. They are more known for their sweepstakes where winners are selected through random drawings.

When will Publishers Clearing House announce the 2011 winners?

At Publishers Clearing House, we often will award prizes for several different giveaways at many different points throughout the year. Our winners are posted on our "Winners Circle" once they are announced. You may check that page at any time to stay updated on winner information. You can also access our winners list by visiting the PCH website.

Has anyone ever won the publishers clearing house contest in ct?

Yes, individuals in Connecticut have won the Publishers Clearing House contest before. The contest is open nationwide, so winners can be from any state, including Connecticut.

Who Is The November 30 2010 Publishers Clearing House Winner?

Publishers Clearing House does not publicly disclose the names of their winners for privacy reasons. If you have any concerns about potential scams or fraudulent activities related to Publishers Clearing House, it is advisable to contact their customer service directly.

Has anyone won 5000 a week from Publishers clearing house?

Publishers Clearing House offers sweepstakes with prizes of $5,000 a week for life. Winners are randomly selected, and the odds of winning depend on the number of entries received. There have been winners of this prize in the past.

What time does Publishers Clearing House arrive at your door if you win a big prize?

Publishers Clearing House typically surprises winners at their doorstep between 9:00 am and 9:30 am, although the exact arrival time may vary. They do not notify winners in advance to maintain the element of surprise.

When you play publishers clearing house how can you know if you will win or it is bogus?

You don't know. I was watching something on them the other day and they have had only 50 winners in the past 20 years. Not good odds.

Is there a winner for Publishers Clearing House?

Larry Brown of Granite City Illinois, although he only won $1 million, not the ten million dollars they advertised as the prize, reason unknown. Still congratulations are in order.

If i won pch June 30 how do i know?

Publishers Clearing House typically notifies winners by mail or in person. If you have won a prize, you will be contacted directly - you don't need to take any action to claim your prize. Be cautious of scams or fraudsters who may try to impersonate Publishers Clearing House to trick you into giving away personal information or money.

Who is the Feb winner of 1 million a year for life from Publishers Clearing House?

I am unable to provide real-time information on specific winners of contests or sweepstakes. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, I recommend checking the official Publishers Clearing House website or contacting their customer service directly.